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The Angst of Publishing

Finding my purpose has never been a big issue.I have always loved reading and writing and therefore always aspired to be a writer.However,like many of us our dreams remained just”Dreams”. But due to second chances in life ,plus self-development courses l have chosen to pursue my life career.My defined purpose would be accomplished through the work of research and community reporting.My mission would be fulfilled through digital storytelling, featured articles or blog posts based on  real life stories in the communities .The sole purposes being that  of inspiring ,educating, encouraging and creating dignity awareness.


You may be wondering what is the problem here?The dilemma  is the Angst of Publishing.

  • 1.Perfectionist idiotism:-Basically this is my self-imposed restraint from publishing unless  my work is totally perfect.The best and the most captivating headlines and perfectly recorded videos.Aperfectly, unique writing style and with no chance of .
  • 2.Fear of Living A Destitute Life:-As much as l love writing,l personally lacked a dedicated trust in the career.I have always felt that l could not even mildly,be able to sustain myself in it.I convinced myself that l was not skilled or  good enough, nor adequately exposed to the world”circle” of writers.

Can you imagine the audacity of such thoughts ?Now that l have come back to my normal senses,l have decided to reveal these shortcomings in order to reclaim my rightful place as a writer and my destiny.This small step will lead to a gigantic future.One of the lessons l have learnt in this journey is to hold to a belief l know many writers can identify with.Deeply,knowing  “l am in this world,but ,l am not of this world”.The fact that l am living through my thoughts,and acting out by turning these thoughts into words  and sharing them through print or videos with the world.Now ,one modern habit l want to pick up is that of typing directly onto my computer.I want to discard the habit of first writing onto exercise books because the same is duplicating and time consuming.(No problem…laugh.It is old school mentality)

Fast forward,today…

Wait a minute.

What is this strange red signal at the top bar of my laptop?It has interfered with my chain of thoughts.I am really trying to figure out what to do.You can imagine l am almost going into panic mode.I stop,take a few long breaths and speaking to myself ,l decide there is no way all this vulnerability is getting lost because of a technical mishap.

So cheers.Much love and hugs from me.

(no excuses…)but…. l have to click…now…publish



Migrants -What Next?

What exactly defines us and what is our role in Europe  ?

A clear paradox is the belief;  home is best !”

Is this the truth felt-reality for most migrants ?

From conversations ,the majority are in a  “double prisoners

status , trying  to re-define the answer to the confusing question:


Home normally relates to the place where one lives and resides

permanently .However,the majority of migrants, especially those seeking

asylum or those  denied refugee status , they have no place to call home.

Why is this so? They are not fully grounded, accepted or established as citizens


This is a very pathetic situation I believe it is the inherent right of a person on this planet

to be seen and heard  and  accepted as of value and worth.

Every human being is sacred and this acknowledgement  is NOT an utopian idea but a

valid conscious awareness that we should mentally adapt for the sake of  global peace.

No person deserves any form of a violation of their dignity.


What then is our role as migrants ? Our attitudes should be based on the behaviours

of  conforming  to the rules and laws of our host countries. However,migrants, too

deserve the right to be allowed to integrate not only through language, political and

cultural education, but they should be given the opportunity to earn a living through

employment or as employers.

Employment is magnifying in that it allows persons working to take dutiful responsibility

for their own personal cares and that of their families as well.

Whole integration should also equal full migrant participation over issues pertaining

to their being or development. Migrant inclusion is lacking at the parliamentary level,

social and media platforms such as television  table debates.

Migrants do not want to be spoon fed !They need to be recognized as mature,capable.

intelligent , people  capable of giving back to society. Representation need not only be

limited to non-governmental organisations, charity or church groups, since  there is a

whole diversity of professionals or ordinary persons with great potential and

unexploited skills and talents stagnated among these minority groups.

The aim of this article is to bring out these suggestions since they are of benefit to the

economy and growth of the host countries ;It is “a win-win” situation for both


Universal inclusion is an attitude of oneness in our hearts , minds and actions.

“If someone is hungry and they ask you for a piece of bread do not give them a


Deportation ; for example,except in criminal cases is not a poistive  answer. It is a cat

and mouse game that does not deal with the causes and solution.Instead,it continues to

benefit  the mafia and modern-day slave traders as they continue to exploit in the trade

of our children, young men and women and babies.Let us stop  the long talks over

cups of hot tea, coffess  and warm lunches while debating on how to to severely tighten

the deportation laws and or building  stronge and  higher walls.

The migrants also has a rightful  role is to  search for safety and a dignified life !

To fight the weak and helpless is to give more power to the mafia and terrorists!

Our duty is to listen to the crying voices of the victims of our own man-made crisis.

In our co-authored book:The Perfect Migrant and Celebrating Diversity published by

Diversity Cultures Publishing a number of us speak out of our individual journies as

migrants.Our stories seek to authentically tell the deep emotional side of our lives.

Get a copy on Amazon and walk with us!

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz