an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series

What do you want in life?

What do l want in life ?It is a very profound question because life has many sides .However,as l grow older, especially after the age of 50 and now 60 ,all l want is  peace.l do not want peace for myself only ,No!l want peace for all of us and in everything around us.l would be extremely happy and content if l knew that no human being on earth is sleeping hungry, or out in the cold.l want a world where there is love in the homes, and children are not violated nor exposed to violence on the streets. I want to see a world where people migrate, not because there is war ,drought or joblessness but because they choose to.Because ,it is their right to move around,to explore,to trade and interact .What do l want? I want my right to live ,work and love where and who l choose.l want peace and no war.l want to be content because my neighbour is content too.l want our future generation to be allowed to fully express their creativity, be allowed to be innovative and to be mentored as well as heard.l want governments that are structured to guarantee that no child is born or grows up in poverty.l want to be a part of that movement of bringing peace and joy as was part of our nature  once upon a time ,lived by our indigenous  societies amongst our forefathers and mother Queens want humans to live in humane conditions all over the globe .Period!

Big Hug of One Love

an encounter with God, Self-Therapy


Life is so sweet today,  and yet yesterday l had it rough. I could have described it as the end of the world.What do l do with these changing moods formed by the unpredictability of my life?Appreciate the moment and do nothing else was the answer  l recieved. Appreciate like jump for joy l asked  into the space .Nothing? You mean like don’t move,or just stand still  , sit on the sofa and gaze into space? Am l supposed to get into  my bed in the  middle of the day miffling the sounds of tears with a cramped pillow over my head? No ! says the silent Voice. Gratitude. Quiet .Do nor say absolutely nothing.Just breathe in and  out  and  listen to your breath. From nothing you came and to  nothing  you  return. Just be consciously present, even if it is for five minutes, 10 minutes or whatever time The silence gives you.When you reawaken,you will be alive, reborn ,refreshed of one mind,body and spirit .Your being aligned to All that is Everything.This was so  real ,and  l could not recall the emotions of lack ,they were gone . Although l could if l want to  recall some parts of the story they evoke  no saddness, regret,anger or bitterness.l am very grateful!

an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series

Hard Times of Joy

Hard times of joy are miracle times. Perseverance is one of  the keys to success .Let nobody lie to you that their achievements were airborne .Even wealthy inheritance requires good management to maintain it’s wealthy status. Nothing is made out of nothing and nothing comes easily out of the blues in life .Whatever one aims for in life , one must know the Why?,What?,in order to find the How?.This pattern enables  us maintain a balanced course of action without losing direction. A positive cause might be a decision to lose weight and the reason could be for the purposes of a  better outlook and good health .Both reasons are valid and a  successful outcome is possible. An attitude of perserverance is key since some hard work and  careful planning must be put into account. Maintaining a scheduled time and practice and discarding bad junk food habits is a must. Exercising often is difficult but it is not impossible. The temptation  of cravings will at times eat away at the mind causing  bad moods and sad moments .Fear of failure and been mocked  by people will cause distraction if not kept at bay and in check. But say no to giving up ,for be sure the  hard times are almost over and joy whispers , its on it’s way , just around the corner .Do not fight the tears,  sweats, muscle pains and aches ,but choose to embrace them. They are your allies.They are assuring you,what a  marvelous job you are doing and you are on the tight, right path.  Delete /discard  the  demons of shady ,diverse procrastinations ,be it toxic friends, things or places  ,by keeping on doing what deep down you know is best for your mind ,body and soul.Remember, Spiritual guidance is another key to success.Through  prayer ,song ,meditation ,showing gratitude and in the acts of sharing and helping you are truly balanced. You are  not alone in the struggle to lose weight, to reach another level in your career,or mend that  unstable relationship, you will overcome. Your required actions are hard work , getting up and about.For in everything in life there is a choice to  agree or a dis-agree and neither is right or wrong .It’s is in the “why?”, there lies  the answer .I wish you success and great day.

A big hug of love.

an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series


l l felt humiliated..sad….small.l had been left out , excluded, to join a certain chama – a women’s group in Europe .When l enquired from it’s main founder , a lady l considered a best friend ,she did not give me a straight answer and brushed me off by changing  the subject .It was puzzling , but life had to continue within a hypocritical friendship.l labeled it  ,,outsider ” and buried it in the caves of my wounds.Today ,l recalled this incident and l very happily  thought to myself ; “Wow! ain’t l grateful!”l realized how far l how The Universe had saved me from a  bad situation and indeed being excluded had turned out to be a plus for me.

In comparison, the,,insiders,, group had drifted in a very ugly breakup of petty talk ,fights and disclosure of  closed group secrets .l realized too what a breach of trust meant .l also observed that sub-consciously l had become more discreet and quite reserved .l had also learnt another important life lesson of survival. “Saying No To Future Expectations of Others”.

“No expectations “meant being  content with who l am ,and not looking for fulfillment from others.Another lesson learnt was  in handling   business matters .The criteria l use is  “no personal strings attached .It has to be a win-win relationship”.

Exclusion could at times be for your benefit .Only time will tell!Most importantly is being aware of our actions and their effects .


“If It Were Me?”

“If it were me, l….would..l could..” A common statement in our daily conversations.Spoken from a superior position of comparison, based from an assumption  and thought that one is better , or can do better, than another. Moreover,in direct confrontation , in most cases  not spoken very kindly .Other times ,it  happens behind the accused person’s back. The latter by any defination is gossip.

Reflecting on this habit ,l admit l am  often  guilty of  , l decided l needed to discard it from today.From a point of love l  have share what l call my self-therapy tips:

▪︎Identify the thought  whose main source is usually envy or jealousy.

▪︎Recognize it for what it is. A reflection of a past .Bygone.

▪︎Adjust this behaviourial talk with an action.The Move.

▪︎Create a new idea ,a  new object or job or whatever  it is that “If it were me….l would…could have…”Replace through creation.

▪︎Be in the present.See all,we,us  at all times .Consciously, be kind to myself, as l would wish others to be to me .Ask myself  Always The Big Q? Why? Is it Necessary ?


A Big Hug of Love.