The Cambridge English Dictionary defines “inclusivity” which is a noun as;

“the quality of trying to include many different types of people and treating

them all fairly and equally.”

The same word  “Inclusion” defined in a more social and community level states;

“the idea that everyone should be able to use the same facilities, take part in the

same activities,and enjoy the same experiences,including people with a disability

or other disadvantage “.

I am specializing in interviews based on real life stories of persons with a

migratory background, and also featuring people from disadvantaged social

background and those discriminated because of their religious and /or spiritual

preferences, their gender, sexual orientation, age, family , ethnic ,racial backgrounds

social and educational standards.

Why am I using the interviews as the format?

While it is the truth in the storyteller`s voice that matters.

What do l hope to achieve?

Your involvement.

Your participation in  acknowledging that every human being has an inherent

right to be heard and included  and has value and worth.

Inclusion is  a universal right which has been violated from so many angles and

for this reason these stories must be told.

Who is this book meant for?

This platform is for everybody.

How does “universal” fit in?

Universal is an adjective and within the principle of inclusion it fits in perfectly.

Inclusion encompasses the whole globe and humanity.