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Follow Your Gaze

You have to follow the Gaze.You know what you want.Basically,we all want the Best for us.The Problem arises because we do not trust ourselves enough to think we have a solution. The Solution is not visible because we spend too much of our time and energy in Comparison Mode .This sucks up our energy from that which we can naturally resonate with.We get too distracted,lose confidence in and direction in the process. We reach confusion point, having an internal war from within.To cool it off we go into denial and slowly move into self-destructive habits. We have all been there in different ways.If this is you today,you do not have to stay there.Now is the hour to change!Make a conscious decision to seriously follow your gaze,online and offline, those or that ,which Builds You.Be Cautious of the time, money and energy spent in your interactions. It MUST Be for your Benefit first.This is the only way you can give others your Best because you are at Your Best.It is not always about finances ,or material things,it is All about what you do with what you have NOW! Feed your inner you with the Best for the Best reasons.

If you read to the End l know something ticked you,Go for it!Don’t question it!Follow your gaze!❤

an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series, unmaskedstories.

Did l Neglect Myself?

In  a world where we are bombarded with so many advertisements ,posts ,and new information , it can get confusing. by the end of the day, when one may ask oneself;”What did l    do with today or yesterday?”” What shift did l create?”.A more  crazier question could be “Did l neglect myself?”

“Did l really see myself?…if l did,with what kind of eyes?..from whose perspective?”.This is one of the most compassionate inner self questions; self-talk ,self-love ,self-care or whatever we call it .We feel guilty,shy or ashamed to even discuss it this issue lest we are seen as egoistical .Yet, it is important for self-assessment in order to improve ourselves .

“They can’t see you if you don’t see yourself “

“Self-Therapy” can be  a realistic approach to end up sane and eradicate issues of low self -esteem. Promoting oneself with confidence as equally as one promotes others .This article reminds us that we have a  choice.We have a right and duty to share our products, services ,success stories and challenges.

Sharing is Caring. Treating one another as worthy to be heard and understood is our dignified new attitude.As we walk on the planet let’s respect it ,knowing we were born to live and thrive on it wherever we choose .The world is  rich ,immensely vibrant and niether  stagnant or dull .Human  beings are the same,full of energy. However , when creativity is suppressed  disillusionment and all sorts of illnesses set in, including rebellious behaviourial patterns.It is not fair to The Universe to selfishly cave and bury our gifts,abilities and exceptional vibes without sharing them for the benefit of  the Whole .US .You and me .

A Big Hug of Love to You.


an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series, unmaskedstories.

Inclusion vs Exclusion

Every human being  has the power of choice when it comes to excluding or including.Inclusiveness  is a choice that leads to an orientation.It is seen in  terms of whom we choose to include in our various activities, schools,jobs,parties,holidays, relationships,infact,in  our entire lives .When we practice inclusitivity ,we make very definate,calculated,conscious decisions to leave out ,deny or dismiss .There are many  consequences to  exclusion , the most dangerous is aversions, towards the  identified religions, races,genders,communities ,countries and continents.It is this observation  that has propelled me to take a very conclusive stand from a mind-set of  oneness.”All-Inclusitivity“. This might be percieved as an utopian idea .However, l have chosen to adapt and live with A Heaven on Earth mentality.Having re-examined my beliefs  I asked ;“Who decides Whom to include, Where,When ,Why and How?“The  answer is “You”do.We each have an inherent right to worth and value .Nobody has a right to make choices on other adults behalf .Each must take the reins  of their lifestyle and orient themselves  in  a direction that does not harm,discriminate,segregate ,dominate or manipulate.My life choices are to serve and protect this planet and its creations.I put no expectations on anybody.Through writing ,I am simply expressing and experiencing inclusivitivity in this infinite space. There are no limitations and in my perception  there  is enough for ALL of us. We are living in awesome times and we can allow ourselves to be curious and explore the vastness of this planet.The Universe is wise and compassionate if we surrender to each present moment ,the here and now. There are enough resources , especially the human resources and the  land to fill and till. There is really no need for the fights. The obssession with country boundries and thus dangers to the migrants is creating more damage and waste than good.(topic for another article …)Pausing , to listen more closely and observe more keenly,will help us all understand more deeply just how we are so interwined and none is the lesser or greater.We will be able to see the infinite possibilities available to all of us . Letting go of mediocre thoughts  based on  superiority and inferiority complexes will be a part of our healing process in embracing  inclusitivity . ONENESS=INCLUSITIVITY=WE

A Big Hug of Love to You


an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series, unmaskedstories.


Life is full of lessons.Infact ,in life we are virtually in classrooms.We upgrade the older we get.What we see as mistakes are misguided chapters in our life -line:our destined journey

I have learnt a beautiful lesson in the last few months.Accept the so calles mis-takes .The word itself clearly spells it out as Missed takes,that is stepped on the wrong path and got diverted, distracted from your destined journey. Beware ,there are two options Either re-trace the steps or move forward alert and carefully observing where you  are going.Embrace the emotions, listen to your instincts and of course use learned lessons stored in your mind.Have a great day as you give yourself a break. Nothing is lost.Its the past.Now be present in the moment, and  you will not miss your take.

Hugs and plenty of love

an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series, unmaskedstories.

Behind the Chatter

Beneath the chatter ,

After the Image posts,What remains ? Nothing .Only a Clutter of Emotions.Amidst the Likes and the Down-thumbs,Mind moving  into Commotion gear,Body breaking into a sweat,Heart beat accerating ,racing,Fingers Scrolling fast and hard,looking for a smilie a a.. haha, a love sign.Validation.

“Was l GOOD Enough Today ?”

Yes Sweetheart .You were better than Yesterday, .You are Good Enough Now!Relax .Stay Calm and Balanced by clicking Off the Panic button.Well done!

Hugs & Love