Did you know that your perception gathers a lot of evidence to make beliefs right?

Do you know that your stronger than you think ,if only you could give yourself permission to see the brighter side of life?

If my perception of life is Good things can come from a Bad situation then Fear erodes and what happens is ,,Death,,becomes an inevitable part of life and not an accident,,,or maybe if l had….kind of blame .

I might not be making sense but the fact is we are here for s short spell.Let’s live consciously responsible about ourselves,what we say and do to others.Above all ,,Do Not Be Afraid ,l Am With You;Do Not Be Terrified,l Am Your God”

(Isaiah 41:10a)

Trusting good times will come after the bad times for everybody!


“If It Were Me?”

“If it were me, l….would..l could..” A common statement in our daily conversations.Spoken from a superior position of comparison, based from an assumption  and thought that one is better , or can do better, than another. Moreover,in direct confrontation , in most cases  not spoken very kindly .Other times ,it  happens behind the accused person’s back. The latter by any defination is gossip.

Reflecting on this habit ,l admit l am  often  guilty of  , l decided l needed to discard it from today.From a point of love l  have share what l call my self-therapy tips:

▪︎Identify the thought  whose main source is usually envy or jealousy.

▪︎Recognize it for what it is. A reflection of a past .Bygone.

▪︎Adjust this behaviourial talk with an action.The Move.

▪︎Create a new idea ,a  new object or job or whatever  it is that “If it were me….l would…could have…”Replace through creation.

▪︎Be in the present.See all,we,us  at all times .Consciously, be kind to myself, as l would wish others to be to me .Ask myself  Always The Big Q? Why? Is it Necessary ?


A Big Hug of Love.



I Thought l knew but realised l didn’t .

Thought l had been there but l hadn’t .

Thought they were my friends but they weren’t

Thought l cared but acknowledged l didn’t

Thought l was in a safe place but l wasn’t

If only our thoughts were perfect speculations!

If only what l thought turned out the way l thought it would

“But life does not work like that”.

Our thoughts are limited by how much we think we know.

So from today l will start with new thoughts of “l don’t know!”

I will allow myself to be curious.

I will be open to learn new ways even if l am a little scared.

I will go out of my way to meet new people even though l am skeptical and scarred.

I will travel to new places  even though doom thoughts want me to stay in my comfort zone.

Yes !My dear thoughts ,l am only human,living within a limited Time frame on this planet ,so Lets Explore.

Wow!these thoughts  were emancipating


Give Yourself A Break

Life can be perfectly,perfect.Firstly,let’s recognise our uniqueness and dignified selves.Secondly,we can reasonably accept that we are complex.We also live in a world with many irregularities ,which we experience on a daily basis.Thirdly;a  pure fact :as human beings we are not Robots.We are quite unpredictable,and even suprise ourselves most of the time.We are also capable of carrying many burdens,  from the past, that we constantly allow to define our present or have an effect on our tomorrow.What l suggest is a different outlook, reflecting on the fact that since every day is a new day why not adopt a  robust ,curious ,joyful anticipation in life.?Note ,every single  day we travel to  somewhere else ,sometimes new ,if not physically ,then in our minds .With our imaginations we can create new realities.This possibility as co-creators of changing ourselves and having diverse experiences ,makes us all unique individually and collectively .It gives us the opportunity to celebrate and  take the time and space to make concrete ,personal decisions.

Say; “No !l refuse to be my own worst enemy .l choose to be my own Best Friend”.Let’s stop beating ourselves,especially in our minds, with our thoughts.Why ?For the simple reason that doing so is violating your own right ,your  sanity, stability, worth and value.Look for quiet alone moments :seek and listen .Although ,there is too much surrounding loudness you do not have to allow it all in.The,good news ,we get to choose what we listen to ,who we associate with,where to go and so on…(watch,read,etc). It is self-manageable by getting our priorities right.”How do l want to serve? “This question answered with the answer beginning with “Why?….”will bring the beginning of clarity  to your life ,The answer can only only come from with.Seek no validation:Give it a try.In addition ,this is my personal chosen path;l do seek a lot of guidance  in quiet,alone time from The Source .The Power That Be.The Most High.For in Universal Mighty God l recieve my guidance, Joy and Peace.

Hugs & Love

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When is a Hurt for Real?

  • Some HURTS are really like for Real! HURTS  that won`t go away and you hear :”I am looking forward to the day I can leave all this HURT behind” Hurts where forgiveness is not an option and there is a lot of pain and injury to the heart.“Hurt Feelings!“.Hurt feelings are almost impossible to get rid of .WHY? I identified a lack of LISTENING to another person as a major cause, when a person feels they are not being heard..When one party  feels constantly intimidated,fearful and inferior to another .When that person`s individuality and identity has being exploited ,violated by another .When  an invasion into the  space of another takes place by using a  superiority complex attitude. Most people say words like ,he or she  “looks down on me” or “thinks I am stupid!”.When such thoughts linger in  one`s mind , healing can be achieved by hearing the other person out.Allowing the hurt feelings  to be expressed , and showing an  attitude of understanding and maybe an inevitable apology .This can in most cases bring about a reconcilliation.During my research ,I encountered  Dr Donna Hick and her model of dignity: that reconcilliation at any level can only come through an acceptance of the other person`s identity.I go further to point out that this identity is the thought that no one is superior to another.She states;”We all have an inherent,right to worth and value”.I too believe we were naturally born as loving and caring and we should stick to  this nurturing attitude in order to have healthy relationships : be it as parents,siblings,partners,community residents,co-workers ,students or persons co-habiting a space like inside a bus or supermarket.

The pains of the heart are the worst pains as compared to physical injuries which can in most cases be healed by medicines and other forms of therapy.But “HURT FEELINGS” go deep ,because they are usually caused by words .WORDS go deep and travel far ,weakening the bones through lack of immobility, internal organs are damaged through toxicity from harmful substances inhaled,drank or eaten.Self-confidence and Self-esteem escape and a lack of interest to interact, for food or sex and vital activities ensues.This state is what  we generally know as Depression.What can we do to avoid violating the dignity of another?Hurting each other?.

  • We  can learn to Listen more in order to hear those unspoken thoughts.
  • We can learn to be Humane in our Actions by caring and sharing:being my brother`s/sister`s keeper
  • We can learn to appreciate the work of others and acknowledge good work by giving credit where it is due.
  • We can learn the art of giving others the benefit of doubt by giving them a chance:second and third  to prove themselves through patience and teaching.
  • We can learn to help ;be another`s shield and defender.
  • We can start to value each others individual ,unique,God given,super DNA.
  • We can recognise in all that Dignity is our DNA .
  • We can embrace and celebrate our diversity regardless of race,religious affiliations,age,countries of heritage , physical outlooks ,cultural, and traditional backgrounds.
  • Iets learn to Hug more,Love more,Pray for one another and above All embrace The Most High for direction and providence and our Oneness.