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Appreciating “She-Roes”-Day 1:Elizabeth Horlemann

Today, l want to appreciate Elizabeth Horlemann.She is of Kenyan heritage,A Certified Cognitive Life coach ,A  Critical Whiteness Trainer :Race Think Workshops.She is also a Mentor to many of us ,in the Diaspora and specifically within the Kenya Women in Germany e.V.(NGO).The above caption says it all.In my Diaspora life in Germany ,since 1999, Elizabeth has played a significant role in modeling me to the woman l am becoming .A confident writer,authentic and brave in my rising career .This article my gift to her,my way of saying Thank You . Asante Sana .Danke Schön.

  • Her commitment to excellence in achieving set goals has brushed off on me .Over the years l have adapted to her teachings.
  • Her outstanding contributions to different phases in my life has had such a great impact in my life.I know Elizabeth you will be shocked to read this.You taught me  the beginnings in IT:Internet technology .Do you remember helping me set up Skype in your home?or ,showing this totally ignorant woman at the time ,how to set up strong passwords;the lower and the upper class e.t.c;and how to use the mouse without panicking and shooting all over the screen .(….am smiling )
  • I learnt about NGO´s.How to set up one and how they function. You gave me the first online platform adminstrative duties,introducing me to some powerful ladies and built my self-esteem.What did l do then? I chose the 3rd mode of human life when challenges come up ;FLIGHT!.I  removed myself,resigned  into isolation, self-pity, blame ,criticism and to self-destructive habits.
  • Elizabeth Horlemann has never given up on me.She has always reached out to me, in boxing letting me,and letting me know of new opportunities.As a cognitive coach in her professionalism  she has always seen in me potential ,pointed it out to me and challenged me to get out of fear and denial mode.
  • She has helped me get clarity for my emerging career by mentoring me ,on how to be self-sustainable ,shifting my creativity from words on paper  to to cash in my pocket.
  • Without any manipulative ideas ,in a positive way ,she has inspired me to get out of self-destructive habits.How?By letting me know that l am worthy,of value and l can use my natural talents of writing to self- create and coach others too .
  • Because of you,,Mrembo”,l am living consciously in the Present:I can change .I can achieve It!  It is Ok to Ask. I Listen to understand . ITake Action and avoid later.

“She-Roe”is  a hero power word coined by Cindy Trimm in her book” Commanding Your Morning”: (unleash the power of God in your life).This morning ,while journaling ,a daily habit,intuitively, l decided to re-read  this book .I did not get past  her dedication page.It is to her sisters whom she refers to as  her  heros.”She-Roes”. She mentions unconditional love,guidance and mentorship.The first heroine that came to mind was Elizabeth Horlemann.You deserve all three compliments.


Face book:Race Think Dinners or her main page:Elizabeth Horlemann.

Trust me:You need to get in touch with her !

an encounter with God, Invisible Migrants, unmasking domestic violence

Checking on You

“Hello!How Are You Doing Today ? Are You Safe ? How Are You Feeling Today ?
I felt an urge to say hello.I need to share some parts of my story you probably do not know.You see my dear friend,l know what it means to be scared,lonely,feel helpless and have no hope at all.You are not alone,and your story doesn`t end here…..your life continues,breaking out into blissfulness.Trust so it will be.

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an encounter with God, Invisible Migrants, unmasking domestic violence

An Awakened Mind

When they tell you to take a left ,say no, not me!

When they suggest, take a right ,say no, not me!

Tell them without fear of rejection,

“I am  Woke”.

I neither obey,nor disobey man or woman,

there is a clarity in my mission.

I walk a visionary path guided  by Truth .

Clean your mind to be as clear as  a blue sky,

with thoughts  unclouded by doubts,

undistracted by wants of  undefined plenty,

through meditation ,prayer and melodies.

Allow your  inner being to be illuminated by

The Presence.The Word.The Holy Light,

shinning whenever , at the end of the tunnel.

Move along  confidence path  ,say, Yes to yes and No to no .

Discard  insecurities, debts, maybe`s or over-consultations.

Life is active, exciting and your perception is its reality.

See infinite opportunities and roles in co-creativity.

Refute the stagnant labels,and be refilled by the beauty of

diversity in the galaxies of cultures and languages.

Models uniquely created  to lead  lives of purposed  joy.

Do not ask for alms ,instead work, explore ,learn , develop and share.

Without prejudice nor unruly pride, stand tall, full of self-esteem.

Consciously, choose your thoughts , your daily bread.

Permit  nothing , nor anyone, to diminish you .

Be present, observe with interest and discern through intuition.

Through  a mindfulness of We and not I ,battles  are conquered.

Trials and tribulations are a part of life,adding up to a multitude

of possibilities.

Avoid blame , by recalling ,you are the co-creator of your destined path .

A Big  Hug of Love to You.


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Be Empathic :Here & Now

The time to be empathic is here and now.Start today by opening your heart to the idea

What Are The Needs?

  • The Majority of us are very Opinionionated.Many are shouting loudly and proudly.A few timidly play neutral ,contributing nothing ,and hoarding information.The other larg larger group are destroyers and hate speech and criticism about anything and everything is their creative style.None of these ways are what we need.
  • We are a Hurting People.We are stressed out financially in debts or joblessness.Emotionally in unhealthy relationships.Physically ,having nothing to do ,or too much to do.There is  greater need for people to be heard and helped.Empathy is the answer in the short term.
  • Our Needs and Experiences Are Different.We are all living on the  same planet,but in our work or lives we are dealing each with their own specific situation.As a community we need to pay more attention to specific issues about each need.
  • The Future is uncertain.This is true now with the global pandemic.The social media and breaking news keeps everybody with a lot of speculations and heresay.This lack of uncertainty leads to stress,more struggles,worries,anxiety and fear,confirming there is a need for greater empathy.

What Can You Do Now?

Pick a part of yourself as a leader,team member,parent,spouse or sibling and start the following practices.

  • RECOGNIZE THE NEED:look at the people around you,what is driving their need for your empathy?
  • LISTEN MORE:Listen much more effectively ,consciously and consistently.Instead of feeling guilty ,just start today!
  • STOP ASSUMING AND START ASKING:-When we assume we know how people feel or what they are thinking,we do not then ask.The empathic relationship building begins by  asking.(…and it is not about proving assumptions right anyway.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE ;DO NOT JUDGE:-None of that matters.Sincere empathy comes from us understanding where the other person is at that point in time.Judgement has no place in the equation.Period!Do not even try to solve anything for them….at least not yet.FOCUS on letting them know they have been HEARD.
  • You have recognized their stress,struggle,worry,grant them grace.
  • Since you know what they are dealing with you can make more sense of their behaviors,results  and decisions.
  • Now is your chance to grant some grace ,be patient and understanding.
  • You are not lowering your standards at all.Only for today a different approach is needed or appreciated.
  • FOCUS ON FEELING:-Our tendency is usually to be tactical and efficient
  • .Our conversations are usually around goals and tasks.
  • To overcome try starting by talking .Discuss how people are doing;their Thoughts and Feelings.
  • This change will bring you a chance to have better,more empathic conversations .
  • The chats will in turn create more opportunities to apply the other ideas above.
  • Let it become a normal relationship process wherever you are called to lead

Think About It For A Moment.

The Need for Empathy Is So Evident Here and Now.


(Gratitude to  Article & Power points notes from The Age of Empathy

by Kevin Eikenberry.)



an encounter with God, Invisible Migrants, Self-Therapy

A Visible Purposed Migrant.

Still invisible?Stop living this way.You were born for a purpose.You had to migrate from your mother’s womb into the world and for a reason.This world needs your product or service .Maybe you are asking ;how can l know if l am living my purpose?You will know you are on the right path by the amount of time,energy and money you invest into the research and creation of your product or service. Another criteria will be in the courage and effort you make to share and bring it into the world.   Reflecting on the following will help you:

  • Did l step on anybody’s toes to get to where l am?
  • Am l still living in fear and doubting my natural,in born  capabilities?
  • Am l doing my best to serve the demand out there?
  • Will l accept to be mentored by those one step ahead of me?
  • Am l genuine enough to say ,,l don’t know”when l don’t?
  • Am l humane to say,,l am sorry “when l have erred?
  • Am l brave and creative to do the right thing despite life’s unknown obstacles?

These are all sure signs of maturity. They are steps towards achieving fulfillment in life. Be wise enough to take time to rest and enjoy by joining others  in healthy recreations.Do not forget your identity;you are”unique and valuable” so give all to this world.,,Stop hoarding it!”

Read to the end .”Thank you for your precious time and a lovely day to you ”

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