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I Don`t Need Tolerance!From invisible to perfect

“TOLERANCE” has a hidden ,inferiority meaning; “PITY”. A tolerant attitude is not what l want when l am doing my job.I need recognition and to be credited for my work ,or discredited.Corrected if l have erred .Not so long ago ,there was a cry for  tolerance to the great influx of migrants seeking refuge for all the valid reasons into Europe.The migration continues, and will continue, because migration is as old as after creation day.It is not unique to Europe or America only.In fact every country on the globe has its share of migrants. To migrate is natural, an in born right for people to move from one continent to another:”Crossing borders in search of Dignity”.Dignity is the right to be heard,be seen, earn a living , pay taxes and live safely.Being human.Why is the term “tolerate” mean?It is a diminishing word by usage in reference to the expected treatment of migrants. Its implication is the newcomer has nothing to give ,but is there to be helped.Questions to reflect on:Does  not cultural diversity play a more positive role?Don`t both parties benefit?The attitude of tolerating has a degree of prejudice.(one is more superior,the helper) .The lesser is in larger terms not expected to add to the growth of the nation as a whole ,or the well being of others.Who decides what is perfect ? The word tolerance should be completely erased in our human interactions.Let us be more inclusive in the creation of our systems.I say again :”Do not tolerate me.Do not pity me.Let us embrace one another,exchange stories,allow travel or migration.”

an encounter with God, Invisible Migrants, Self-Therapy

The Invisible Migrant-(tiny steps)

The Invisible Migrant is a Migrant who has decided to keep low,not voice their thoughts except to ask for assistance and this is a natural gift  for safety’s sake. While finding one’s way in a new, environment one soon comes face to face with the reality that the expectations of a warm welcome are nowhere close to the truth.Dreams squashed as expressing yourself is halted.Language is a big barrier in a foreign land like Germany.You must learn how to communicate and nobody has patience with sign language .Making new friends is not the same like in Africa,in a country where people mind their own business a lot and have no tolerance for wasting their time.One must gather up all their stored time,energy resilience,combined with a strong desire to survive and thrive .Many do make it ,but not all.

Advise to any new comer:

*Nothing remains the same forever.Therefore do not give up,Trust you will come through victorious

*You MUST do your part.Be punctual for any and all appointments.

*Always ask if you are not sure of the Time.Ask where and what you are required to fill and bring along at your next meeting,class etc.

*Never sign anything you are not sure about.Ask for a translator or you bring a friend who speaks and understands the language well.Note:Claiming you were coerced or did not   understand, etc are excuses and not tolerated.

-Ask and Listen.

-Ask and Listen

*Attend as many Free online and offline voluntary language classes as possible.Check on social media,google,ask here….etc but be involved.

*interact with others not only those from your home country or continent.Join clubs e.g book ,football, photography, jogging, climbing etc groups.

My story :

I am a Kenyan ,and arrived in Germany when the internet was not the norm. Word of mouth was the way to get around.As a Migrant my information was from fellow migrants, from my home country.That’s the way it was then to a large extent,but it was not the Best or only Way.”No excuses! l could have done it differently ,the right way.”The reason l am giving these Tips.

*Caution:Use your time wisely

*Remember and Don’t never Forget.Only your effort will get you many steps ahead  of your peers.Don’t give up on you.There are many people,native Germans out there willing to assist even if it is one step,but you have to make time and show a willingness to learn

“Manenos are different kwa ground”,translated; Things are different on the ground”

Thank me later👍

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