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An Awakened Mind

When they tell you to take a left ,say no, not me!

When they suggest, take a right ,say no, not me!

Tell them without fear of rejection,

“I am  Woke”.

I neither obey,nor disobey man or woman,

there is a clarity in my mission.

I walk a visionary path guided  by Truth .

Clean your mind to be as clear as  a blue sky,

with thoughts  unclouded by doubts,

undistracted by wants of  undefined plenty,

through meditation ,prayer and melodies.

Allow your  inner being to be illuminated by

The Presence.The Word.The Holy Light,

shinning whenever , at the end of the tunnel.

Move along  confidence path  ,say, Yes to yes and No to no .

Discard  insecurities, debts, maybe`s or over-consultations.

Life is active, exciting and your perception is its reality.

See infinite opportunities and roles in co-creativity.

Refute the stagnant labels,and be refilled by the beauty of

diversity in the galaxies of cultures and languages.

Models uniquely created  to lead  lives of purposed  joy.

Do not ask for alms ,instead work, explore ,learn , develop and share.

Without prejudice nor unruly pride, stand tall, full of self-esteem.

Consciously, choose your thoughts , your daily bread.

Permit  nothing , nor anyone, to diminish you .

Be present, observe with interest and discern through intuition.

Through  a mindfulness of We and not I ,battles  are conquered.

Trials and tribulations are a part of life,adding up to a multitude

of possibilities.

Avoid blame , by recalling ,you are the co-creator of your destined path .

A Big  Hug of Love to You.


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