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A Visible Purposed Migrant.

Still invisible?Stop living this way.You were born for a purpose.You had to migrate from your mother’s womb into the world and for a reason.This world needs your product or service .Maybe you are asking ;how can l know if l am living my purpose?You will know you are on the right path by the amount of time,energy and money you invest into the research and creation of your product or service. Another criteria will be in the courage and effort you make to share and bring it into the world.   Reflecting on the following will help you:

  • Did l step on anybody’s toes to get to where l am?
  • Am l still living in fear and doubting my natural,in born  capabilities?
  • Am l doing my best to serve the demand out there?
  • Will l accept to be mentored by those one step ahead of me?
  • Am l genuine enough to say ,,l don’t know”when l don’t?
  • Am l humane to say,,l am sorry “when l have erred?
  • Am l brave and creative to do the right thing despite life’s unknown obstacles?

These are all sure signs of maturity. They are steps towards achieving fulfillment in life. Be wise enough to take time to rest and enjoy by joining others  in healthy recreations.Do not forget your identity;you are”unique and valuable” so give all to this world.,,Stop hoarding it!”

Read to the end .”Thank you for your precious time and a lovely day to you ”

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