Self-Therapy, TrailBlazers Series

Thrive by Choice

Peace does not just happen! It comes as an intentional thought that precedes an action.Caring is sharing :Self-awareness tips.

•Find a quiet place ,for at least 5 minutes a day, to have a conversation with yourself.

•Breathe deep,slowly, in and out at least to a count of 7x

•Identify the dis- content with self by asking yourself questions:,”when did l start experiencing this unease ?one day,a week,a month ago?When exactly?Be specific.

3.Identify by Name….Ask yourself ;”Where was l?””Who was l with?” “What were we doing ?”and “What were we discussing?”

(chats /activities could have been offline or online in a group chat ,sms, video talk, meeting etc ).

The answers will be very helpful and allow us to see the why and what that triggered the emotion .Our well-being must be top priority,especially during these volatile times.We are social beings but this time be your own best friend in private conversation with you.

This exercise might end with worrying ,please remember:

If you feel like crying it is normal and it brings relief.Important is you take action. Do not dwell on the issue at great length.If it is draining your energy, please seek help . At no cost should you try to go at it alone ,for fear of shame or guilt.Many have travelled a similar path and are now free.

You are a child of dignity and this is the truth.This world needs you.You are worthy and valuable to mother Earth, our planet.Afresh!Anew Cheers!

Big Hug of Love


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