What Do l Want?

What do l want for me,….for you?What l  want is more than a wish, much more than a desire ,it is a life-string. A string tied strongly ,unbreakable,  to mental , physical and spiritual wellbeing. A life that is financially stable. A sober mind that can create wealth so as to have a solid roof over my head, a daily meal, medical care and education  for my family, and a secure and friendly,helpful, community .l also want healthy work and family relationships. I want to be involved in society productive projects that cater for a much more cleaner environment on our planet.

I want dignity to be the key in the way we communicate with one another.Nations where leaders and all those in positions of power listen in order to understand the grassroot problems, and they also perceive  their positions as being persons of service. As an individual, l want to be free and responsible . l want to be consciously aware at all times, that my actions today have  either negative or positive consequences and that they affect not only me but the whole. world.Hence, l want   joyful experiences during  my lifetime. I believe this is What We All Want:-,,Pleasant Experiences”. This means being heard, included,acknowledged,appreciated, and above all this not lacking . A dignified life-string follows the golden principle at all times, regardless and says;”l Do Unto Another  As l Would Want It Done Unto Me”.It is a universal-inclusion vision and mission.

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