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Appreciative Afterthoughts…..

l could not understand why l could not write on my blog for more than two months.l asked myself Why? Even before the global panademic there was something l really needed to do but l could not grasp what it was,….then Bang!

“Social Distancing!”

Wow!l sincerely appreciate this reveleation from a writer’s aspect. If we could be honest with ourselves, we have all been lacking in reflecting time , listening time,alone time ,quiet times for a long ,long time. We all have so much to say on chat groups, too much to do, so many places to go and so many issues to be deal with each day.We think too much and it is quite overwhelming for most of us.

However,l believe that once these  hazardous times are over ,(or sure they will be over one day),some healthy lifestyle tips will come out of the whole experience. A good frequent habit to retain will probably be  some form of social distancing. A lesson not to comply with every demand or ,,The Social Push”.The thought or feeling that one must always be on the inside .I am confident we will all be stronger and erase some of our self-imposed, exhausting lifestyles .

A Big Hug of Love to You

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