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Deprived is NOT Depraved

Being deprived is not the same as being depraved. Being jobless could result in been economically deprived .Lacking citizenship and seeking asylum or refuge in another nation could be as a need to run away from one’s motherland because ,drought,famine,drought or any other calamity and not for the fun of being deprived and doing acts of criminality.Others still have been deprived of education , a home because of living in a poverty status.These conditions or life circumstances should render no one declared a misfit.One is not necessarily depraved for living on the streets or lacking the basics human needs of food,access to health care, clothing, shelter education,a right to heard and understood.When denied and begging is not bringing any food on the table this does not mean because they are mentally improverished they are depraved criminals.A lack of basics does not justify violating the dignity of others worth ,value and rights to what belongs rightfully to them on this planet.Let us think twice next time we start labelling others without all the facts at our fingertips.

A Big Hug of Love

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