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An Environment of Peace

The Environment is so crucial to our well being.This is being aware of the environment through our physical sensations.Perceptions are what we see and in turn these bring out feelings contributing to how we act . Within a self-imposed -therapy research ,I decided to re-visit old places that l have constantly percieved  as harmful to my sanity or what we term as ,,Wellbeing”.Guess what?l got the same repeated sensations .After the initial ,,fun,, were similar conflicts, fears, a lack of self-esteem ,discouragement and misdirection or a lack of clarity. As much as l felt my hopes shattered ,l also felt a great relief.l realised the lessons l have been learning were valid.My different teachers and my intuition proved this lesson:

Change is percieved in behaviour. Behaviour or how we act is a response to how we see things.

Change comes from you and you alone and it can  only occur if one wants the change .Before one can desire the change one must have a clear question and answer . WHY?and WHAT? Why will a change of  environment be of benefit ?Why should one change their  circle of “friends”?Are they really friends? Why should one  stop going to certain spaces? The simple answer could be;if a place  or person makes you go back home feeling empty physically, emotionally  and financially it is time to kiss the friend or place goodbye .If anything,anybody or any place causes you distress then without any dramatic arguments, letters of trying to justify one’s actions,DELETE  the place, person or thing from your life line.Only you can create an environment of peace by placing yourself in the vicinity of things,people or It.


A Big  Hug of Love


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