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What do you want in life?

What do l want in life ?It is a very profound question because life has many sides .However,as l grow older, especially after the age of 50 and now 60 ,all l want is  peace.l do not want peace for myself only ,No!l want peace for all of us and in everything around us.l would be extremely happy and content if l knew that no human being on earth is sleeping hungry, or out in the cold.l want a world where there is love in the homes, and children are not violated nor exposed to violence on the streets. I want to see a world where people migrate, not because there is war ,drought or joblessness but because they choose to.Because ,it is their right to move around,to explore,to trade and interact .What do l want? I want my right to live ,work and love where and who l choose.l want peace and no war.l want to be content because my neighbour is content too.l want our future generation to be allowed to fully express their creativity, be allowed to be innovative and to be mentored as well as heard.l want governments that are structured to guarantee that no child is born or grows up in poverty.l want to be a part of that movement of bringing peace and joy as was part of our nature  once upon a time ,lived by our indigenous  societies amongst our forefathers and mother Queens want humans to live in humane conditions all over the globe .Period!

Big Hug of One Love

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