an encounter with God, Self-Therapy


Life is so sweet today,  and yet yesterday l had it rough. I could have described it as the end of the world.What do l do with these changing moods formed by the unpredictability of my life?Appreciate the moment and do nothing else was the answer  l recieved. Appreciate like jump for joy l asked  into the space .Nothing? You mean like don’t move,or just stand still  , sit on the sofa and gaze into space? Am l supposed to get into  my bed in the  middle of the day miffling the sounds of tears with a cramped pillow over my head? No ! says the silent Voice. Gratitude. Quiet .Do nor say absolutely nothing.Just breathe in and  out  and  listen to your breath. From nothing you came and to  nothing  you  return. Just be consciously present, even if it is for five minutes, 10 minutes or whatever time The silence gives you.When you reawaken,you will be alive, reborn ,refreshed of one mind,body and spirit .Your being aligned to All that is Everything.This was so  real ,and  l could not recall the emotions of lack ,they were gone . Although l could if l want to  recall some parts of the story they evoke  no saddness, regret,anger or bitterness.l am very grateful!

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