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Like A Child l Will.

We have been taught that behaving like a child is a stupid ,shameless behaviour.

Is it really ?All children ask questions like “Why?”.When you ask them to do something they sometimes even  go further to ask “Why me ?Why not my sibling ?” Young ones are curious beings and seek to find meaning in their observations;”What is that ? “They also good listeners to the various sounds around them .They live more in the present moments using their eyes distinctly to identify things without much judgements. Everywhere and everything in their close environment interests them.

On this issue of childishness in adults, l noted that  the ancient religious teachings and the practices of meditation and yoga,all stress on the habit of listening more.The Bible talks about children as innocent beings who will enter heaven.Children unless taught otherwise play,laugh and embrace life fully.

What do you think now? Is being childlike in life a stupid and shameful character?Does it give you a more stressful life or more joy and friendliness?

My choice from now on is to be childlike in my interactions and intentionally acknowledge l really do not know as much as l think l do.l will be kinder to myself and embrace all life .l will enquire  about nature taking notice of all the natural beauty and creations that  surround me. Learning to ask the questions “Why”and “What and being joyful ,smiling and laughing more is by new childish attitude.

A Big Hug and Love Dear Child

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