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Inclusion vs Exclusion

Every human being  has the power of choice when it comes to excluding or including.Inclusiveness  is a choice that leads to an orientation.It is seen in  terms of whom we choose to include in our various activities, schools,jobs,parties,holidays, relationships,infact,in  our entire lives .When we practice inclusitivity ,we make very definate,calculated,conscious decisions to leave out ,deny or dismiss .There are many  consequences to  exclusion , the most dangerous is aversions, towards the  identified religions, races,genders,communities ,countries and continents.It is this observation  that has propelled me to take a very conclusive stand from a mind-set of  oneness.”All-Inclusitivity“. This might be percieved as an utopian idea .However, l have chosen to adapt and live with A Heaven on Earth mentality.Having re-examined my beliefs  I asked ;“Who decides Whom to include, Where,When ,Why and How?“The  answer is “You”do.We each have an inherent right to worth and value .Nobody has a right to make choices on other adults behalf .Each must take the reins  of their lifestyle and orient themselves  in  a direction that does not harm,discriminate,segregate ,dominate or manipulate.My life choices are to serve and protect this planet and its creations.I put no expectations on anybody.Through writing ,I am simply expressing and experiencing inclusivitivity in this infinite space. There are no limitations and in my perception  there  is enough for ALL of us. We are living in awesome times and we can allow ourselves to be curious and explore the vastness of this planet.The Universe is wise and compassionate if we surrender to each present moment ,the here and now. There are enough resources , especially the human resources and the  land to fill and till. There is really no need for the fights. The obssession with country boundries and thus dangers to the migrants is creating more damage and waste than good.(topic for another article …)Pausing , to listen more closely and observe more keenly,will help us all understand more deeply just how we are so interwined and none is the lesser or greater.We will be able to see the infinite possibilities available to all of us . Letting go of mediocre thoughts  based on  superiority and inferiority complexes will be a part of our healing process in embracing  inclusitivity . ONENESS=INCLUSITIVITY=WE

A Big Hug of Love to You


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