an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series

It Serves You Right is the “Why?”

It serves you right

has to be the reason you do what you do ,

say what you say, go where you go and

participate in whatever projects you choose.

If it does not serve even a single piece of you,

then the experience will only diminsh you,

and not increase you.

If it does not serve you right,neither will you be

of any benefit to others, for you will be demoralised.

If it does not serve you right, your actions will be fake,

your voice will falter ,your eyes will reveal your hypocricy,

and your heart will never be at ease.

If it does not serve you right , you will stay suppressed,

positioned to be trumpled , with a  mind of scattered thoughts.

If it does not serve you right you will turn out to be a “people pleaser”.

You will be manipulated to do other people`s undermining chores.

The “why?” of what you do and  say should be your  compass point.

Others will call you egoistical,but that is Okay!

If it does not serve you,it is none of your business, since it  makes

no -sense to you  and is of  no -purpose to you.

Ask yourself always;”Will this serve me right?”

Change the learnt false belief that if it serves you it does not serve others.

  • Does it serve me right?
  • Will it make me a better person ?
  • Will this increase my productivity?”
  • Will I be more content, since it serve my needs?
  • Will l be of better service and molded into a more compassionate being?
  • Will l be sincere ,real,truthful to others and myself?

A Big Hug of Love to You



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