I Thought l knew but realised l didn’t .

Thought l had been there but l hadn’t .

Thought they were my friends but they weren’t

Thought l cared but acknowledged l didn’t

Thought l was in a safe place but l wasn’t

If only our thoughts were perfect speculations!

If only what l thought turned out the way l thought it would

“But life does not work like that”.

Our thoughts are limited by how much we think we know.

So from today l will start with new thoughts of “l don’t know!”

I will allow myself to be curious.

I will be open to learn new ways even if l am a little scared.

I will go out of my way to meet new people even though l am skeptical and scarred.

I will travel to new places  even though doom thoughts want me to stay in my comfort zone.

Yes !My dear thoughts ,l am only human,living within a limited Time frame on this planet ,so Lets Explore.

Wow!these thoughts  were emancipating