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Your User’s Manual

Have you checked in today on your”User’s Manual”?What’s that you ask?That is your emotions and feelings towards work?When we talk about work,we are discussing general work ,office work,homework whatever work you are doing now,today.There is a great tip l want to share because it worked for me the whole week and presently,as l do my work which is writing.

Tip:Do it joyfully.Adjust your mood and attitude to whatever work you are doing.Why?This new way of replacing boredom with curiosity.Tiring with interesting.Apreciating your work changes everything.Your inner spirit will be uplifted .This will reflect in your physical posture,walk,the tone of your voice and your facial expressions.Work mates,your spose  or children will  respond  in a like manner.The enviroment around you will change from a gloomy one to one full of hope and brightness.You will be more inclined to more creative and innovate .Try it out and see the results.Have a great day!


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