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It is Okay!,

Fear,Lack and Loneliness
It is okay to fear when we feel threatened,ridiculed or unfairly criticized.
It is okay to feel we are lacking when we have no job or a meal to put on
the table and provide for our loved ones or self.
It is okay to feel lonely when your loved ones depart either through death,
divorce ,separations or neglect.
It is okay to have emotions because we are human beings,spiritual beings having
a physical experience ,created to think and feel.
What is not okay is to suffer in silence, for you do injustice to yourself and
others who need to know they are not alone .
You act in love when you speak about it,consult with someone ,share your story .
It is important for you to note you are worthy and valid in your vulnerability.
You are the answer, the solution to somebody out there.
Be bold ,know without an iota of doubt that you matter.
You are the one piece of gem that l was looking for in the wilderness.
“I just smiled when l found you!”
“Tell your story by unmasking”
Love & A Hug

an encounter with God


We are in a complex world today,confused,and removed from reality.We consciously make ourselves “ABSENT” ,that is,”Not Present”.We try so hard to move faster,to disregard everything with our missions to change everything.Instead of being internally at peace with ourselves,we have resolved to overburden ourselves with extra suffocating thoughts.Why have we chosen to succumb to an eternal-past and an eternal -future ,instead of embracing the eternal-present? The present moment is guaranteed since we are alive and breathing in it.We have also self-submerged in a lifestyle of accumulating and acquiring “materialistic hoarding”.Let’s for a moment try and reason together.Help me to understand.”Why would one go to great lengths to buy massive castles ,with numerous rooms,bathrooms,toilets ,beds ,acquire a fleet of cars to occupy those garages,and yet,at any given present moment in their lifetime,they can only be in ONE place ?(one house,one room,sit on one seat,drive in one car,enjoy the pleasure of one toilet seat or bath tub;and most importantly retire to sleep in one bed?”.Why do we ignore the present?Is the present useless ? We are always on the go, not giving the present a chance to show us it’s beauty.We look always to our past to determine our future,and in most cases from a monetary perspective.The reality is,none of us can say without an iota of doubt that we will be here tomorrow or in the next minutes.I invite us to slow down,or even halt for half a day and re-adjust our current trend.Let´s cultivate gratitude and compassion by being in the present and noticing the other humans in our vicinity.The question we should ask ourselves is,”In my haste for tomorrow and regrets from the past,am l missing the good and abundant more-than enough blessings of today ?It takes being in the present to enlighten us to really appreciate just how much this life is precious and your role in it as co-creator is important.Hugs and Love