an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series

Travel Vibes

Life is fascinating . ln as much as we think we know, we don’t really know that much ,nor, do we reflect as much we should. What we really do, and l admit am guilty is have repeated thoughts.We under appreciate a lot of our blessings.We are programmed to compare everything from a physical perspective and to credit it as long as everybody else thinks it’s cool.When anything is a new trend ,we want to identify with it and if possible let the whole world know .(thanks to social media). My side thoughts as l sat at the airport observing people,is l imagined where are they going? Are they happy or sad? Are they traveling out of a sense of duty because it is that time of the year we call Christmass ? Are they forced by the law since their Visa stays have expired ?What are they about ? Are they going for a long -planned holiday anticipating some exploration time? Work?To meet some online soul- mate? Valid questions.But the other miracle -like aspect was the underlying unspoken fear or fun of flying above the clouds.

Except for the leg cramps and being confined in one space for too long,it is good.However,l have no control but to trust a good landing;flying is unique.Point l am making is l am grateful for”Travel by Air”.