Give Yourself A Break

Life can be perfectly,perfect.Firstly,let’s recognise our uniqueness and dignified selves.Secondly,we can reasonably accept that we are complex.We also live in a world with many irregularities ,which we experience on a daily basis.Thirdly;a  pure fact :as human beings we are not Robots.We are quite unpredictable,and even suprise ourselves most of the time.We are also capable of carrying many burdens,  from the past, that we constantly allow to define our present or have an effect on our tomorrow.What l suggest is a different outlook, reflecting on the fact that since every day is a new day why not adopt a  robust ,curious ,joyful anticipation in life.?Note ,every single  day we travel to  somewhere else ,sometimes new ,if not physically ,then in our minds .With our imaginations we can create new realities.This possibility as co-creators of changing ourselves and having diverse experiences ,makes us all unique individually and collectively .It gives us the opportunity to celebrate and  take the time and space to make concrete ,personal decisions.

Say; “No !l refuse to be my own worst enemy .l choose to be my own Best Friend”.Let’s stop beating ourselves,especially in our minds, with our thoughts.Why ?For the simple reason that doing so is violating your own right ,your  sanity, stability, worth and value.Look for quiet alone moments :seek and listen .Although ,there is too much surrounding loudness you do not have to allow it all in.The,good news ,we get to choose what we listen to ,who we associate with,where to go and so on…(watch,read,etc). It is self-manageable by getting our priorities right.”How do l want to serve? “This question answered with the answer beginning with “Why?….”will bring the beginning of clarity  to your life ,The answer can only only come from with.Seek no validation:Give it a try.In addition ,this is my personal chosen path;l do seek a lot of guidance  in quiet,alone time from The Source .The Power That Be.The Most High.For in Universal Mighty God l recieve my guidance, Joy and Peace.

Hugs & Love