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??Social Media ??

Lately ,Social Media platforms especially Facebook and Instragram have been bombarded with a lot of hate and  critical comments of just how,dangerous and damaging they are.l view this to a large extent as unjust and unfair NOTE:The very same adamant Critics are using the same Social Media platforms to tell us their thoughts, stories and get our views and clicks. They are even making money and branding themselves as a business .l want them to be realistic and instead of telling us to shut down our pages ,why not give us realistic, new workable solutions especially for our young.

This world is not static .Social media is HERE & NOW:A Present space for us to Be:Inform,Express ,Play, Educate Intergrate,Interact  ,Learn,Have fun or Dream, with the world and ourselves.It serves us  despite ones race,gender or social status.It can also be a  Healing space .However,like all of Life it too has its negatives .lt can be very confusing, contradictory, self-damaging , addictive ,manipulative and controlling when used to send unrealistic goals ,fake news ,false images, and can be extremely time-wasting .For some of us; it is our working space .

Like Everything Else in Life ,how one uses it is a personal choice and rightly so.(of course our kids need to be monitored) Balance which is key to good living it requires diligent practice,getting  ones daily priorities right .Taking extra time each day ,doing what l call a self-therapy for self-evaluation purposes . Balance as a key for clarity,a healthy body,soul,mind and spirit .We do not have to be doctors to know that our bodies can take in only so much  of anything ;from drinks,food ,information,entertainment ,schooling,or “Social Media Visits”.Today l share my TrailBlazer tips that keep me balanced.

  • SHARING IS CARING:As human beings at the core of everything we we are communal   cooperative and loving.”Never think lesser of you -You are not a maybe or a  mistake!”
  • BE PRESENT and aware of your environment and the other creations :animals,birds,flowers, etc
  • LISTEN: For in listening ,you learn and hear your Calling and the Needs of others.We are all on this earth to Serve Its creations Listening is a precious gift and art that is lacking in a noisy world not only on social media but our surroundings .
  • ACKNOWLEDGE &APPRECIATE the good deeds of OTHERS.Congratulate them and reward them from children to adults.Smile .Hug .Shake hands more.
  • Give others the BENEFIT OF DOUBT:  even if you do not necessarily agree in order  to help and encourage them in their co-creative roles .
  • DELEGATE ROLES :at home with the young ones ,at work with junior staff or at community gatherings. This is Support method helps build good relationships .It brings back Self-esteem to those weakened by lifes circumstances.
  • BEWARE  of our OWN CONSCIOUS VIOLATIONS of others DIGNITY and our own vulnerabilities of  self-destruction.We tend to  feed our egos with the unreality of thinking we are bigger,better,wiser while the reality is Dignity is our DNA. Everybody is Unique,GOD created and deserves to be on this planet wherever they choose to breathe .
  • As a TrailBlazer l remind myself each day that My Role is to SERVE Humanity each and every day Period!
  • Hugs and Love to you

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