an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series

The Gift of Silence

In silence We hear,

Suppressed gasps of pain,

Cries of anguish and loneliness ,

Growling stomachs from hunger,

Begging calls of  helplessness ,

Hushed fear,

Trembling  knees ,

Dropping tears,

Running noses,

Buzzing ears of confusion.

We  are Present in our silence.

The Silent Voice of I AM.One Love

Is audible at last.

An encounter with God.

Cear paths emerge as we are molded

into refreshed Trailblazers.

In spirit we retrieve our forgotten lamps.

We set out to shine the light and Serve.

Peace and the affirmation of Oneness.

Universal inclusion become our tents.

Blessings and inspiration ring out to us,

Child ; “l Shall Never Leave you ,Nor

Forsake you”.

Gratitude ensues eternal and complete.

Whole again as servants of The Most

High and as co-creators.

One Love.




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