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??Social Media ??

Lately ,Social Media platforms especially Facebook and Instragram have been bombarded with a lot of hate and  critical comments of just how,dangerous and damaging they are.l view this to a large extent as unjust and unfair NOTE:The very same adamant Critics are using the same Social Media platforms to tell us their thoughts, stories and get our views and clicks. They are even making money and branding themselves as a business .l want them to be realistic and instead of telling us to shut down our pages ,why not give us realistic, new workable solutions especially for our young.

This world is not static .Social media is HERE & NOW:A Present space for us to Be:Inform,Express ,Play, Educate Intergrate,Interact  ,Learn,Have fun or Dream, with the world and ourselves.It serves us  despite ones race,gender or social status.It can also be a  Healing space .However,like all of Life it too has its negatives .lt can be very confusing, contradictory, self-damaging , addictive ,manipulative and controlling when used to send unrealistic goals ,fake news ,false images, and can be extremely time-wasting .For some of us; it is our working space .

Like Everything Else in Life ,how one uses it is a personal choice and rightly so.(of course our kids need to be monitored) Balance which is key to good living it requires diligent practice,getting  ones daily priorities right .Taking extra time each day ,doing what l call a self-therapy for self-evaluation purposes . Balance as a key for clarity,a healthy body,soul,mind and spirit .We do not have to be doctors to know that our bodies can take in only so much  of anything ;from drinks,food ,information,entertainment ,schooling,or “Social Media Visits”.Today l share my TrailBlazer tips that keep me balanced.

  • SHARING IS CARING:As human beings at the core of everything we we are communal   cooperative and loving.”Never think lesser of you -You are not a maybe or a  mistake!”
  • BE PRESENT and aware of your environment and the other creations :animals,birds,flowers, etc
  • LISTEN: For in listening ,you learn and hear your Calling and the Needs of others.We are all on this earth to Serve Its creations Listening is a precious gift and art that is lacking in a noisy world not only on social media but our surroundings .
  • ACKNOWLEDGE &APPRECIATE the good deeds of OTHERS.Congratulate them and reward them from children to adults.Smile .Hug .Shake hands more.
  • Give others the BENEFIT OF DOUBT:  even if you do not necessarily agree in order  to help and encourage them in their co-creative roles .
  • DELEGATE ROLES :at home with the young ones ,at work with junior staff or at community gatherings. This is Support method helps build good relationships .It brings back Self-esteem to those weakened by lifes circumstances.
  • BEWARE  of our OWN CONSCIOUS VIOLATIONS of others DIGNITY and our own vulnerabilities of  self-destruction.We tend to  feed our egos with the unreality of thinking we are bigger,better,wiser while the reality is Dignity is our DNA. Everybody is Unique,GOD created and deserves to be on this planet wherever they choose to breathe .
  • As a TrailBlazer l remind myself each day that My Role is to SERVE Humanity each and every day Period!
  • Hugs and Love to you
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What Turns Us So?

Tonight having watched a documentary on German /French TV channnel  ARTe about the rescue of some of the Chibok girl students in Nigeria ,l was shocked, annoyed ,confused ,but most of all deeply saddened .The traumatized stories were harrowing and the second BokoHaram documentary was full of horrifying depictions of murder,brutal slaughtering of human bodies,mutilations by human to human beings .What has prompted me to write this article is l was angered and have to voice it in order to find some sleep. I was angry at the show of hypocrisy and the half-baked solutions by the governments.Once again,the Europeans and so called First world America were portrayed as Africa’s rescuers.The girls admission into an American university was a very good example with that big time US rep.My question is this:Nigeria,is a  free ,with highly intelligent,educated people,extremely rich in oil ,a structured ,democratic state .Yet ,l ask ,could they not be able to cater for the needs of its traumatised children ?Did we need to watch this bossy  American UNI man ask these girls to stand up and chant some AUN slogans  “American University Nigeria.” He even did a baboonish dance on stage in front of the parents whose faces showed no understanding with his American accent and with no interpreter to st least translate. This was their kids and family reunion and not some campaign for heavens sake! ?Was that really necessary? Secondly, what were the deciding factors for who receives help and who doesn’t?What about the young lady who was abducted at 14 years ,forcibly married to a BokoHaram, and 4 years later escaped pregnant,with HIV and a malnutritoned sick baby who later died.Even in her impoverished situation she adopted and became a mother out of unconditional love for two young boy-children,now orphaned who had escaped the BokoHarams child soldiers army?She was even disowned by her own villagers who treated as a spy.for her abductors .”She was my hero in this documentary ,a strong lady who deserves a medal.”l wonder, Where is the justice?Where is the equality?l really appreciate the making of the documentary ,but l say BS to the Lady minister and the government for squandering so much money at that expensive restaurant whilst at the burnt regions people were starving and sleeping outside with barely nothing to eat.l am saying, Africa tell your story yourself and get your priorities right.We should not let the world see our shame and unnecessary begging. Nigeria l thought with all your oil ,did you seriously and sincerely need America to save your kids or solve your wars? What was the pay cut?My heart goes out to all the now homeless residents of the burnt houses ,All the refugees, all the doctors and medical staff working endlessly, curing all those molested patients ,the abducted girls,all the young forced boy soldiers and every single parent for the unexplainable,pain and suffering for being unable to protect and provide for your family. In the name of power camouflaged as religion and security many of our innocent children continue to suffer left to fend for themselves .In their ignorance and helplessness many of them are self-declared refugees or being radicalized into terrorist groups. Meanwhile,we adults continue to fight senseless ,competitive ,egoistic and greed inspired wars .Many of our children in Africa have nowhere to turn .l plead with our leaders Please Stop !Unite.Africa is enough!We have enough to care for us if only we could look inside each of us and remember our humanity. One Love.

an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series

The Gift of Silence

In silence We hear,

Suppressed gasps of pain,

Cries of anguish and loneliness ,

Growling stomachs from hunger,

Begging calls of  helplessness ,

Hushed fear,

Trembling  knees ,

Dropping tears,

Running noses,

Buzzing ears of confusion.

We  are Present in our silence.

The Silent Voice of I AM.One Love

Is audible at last.

An encounter with God.

Cear paths emerge as we are molded

into refreshed Trailblazers.

In spirit we retrieve our forgotten lamps.

We set out to shine the light and Serve.

Peace and the affirmation of Oneness.

Universal inclusion become our tents.

Blessings and inspiration ring out to us,

Child ; “l Shall Never Leave you ,Nor

Forsake you”.

Gratitude ensues eternal and complete.

Whole again as servants of The Most

High and as co-creators.

One Love.




an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series

Whose With You?

“All is Well”….”l Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake you”

Words of Love from The Most High God.Cherish Them,Hold Them Close To Your Heart and Walk in The Spirit of Love that Abides and Lives in You.Take back the power that you have given away for so long by departing from your inner child.You were created in the image of God .The Spirit of Love never departs from you;only you have chosen to listen outside of yourself where Love abides.Love has never left you,will never leave you and therefore remember:Who is With you?Yes ;you answered right.

The Love of The Most High

Dignity is your natural right.You are special,unique,and all is well!

Hugs and Love


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