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Swahili Cultural Project

There are activities in this world that have to be magnified because of the kind of impact they will have on future generations or the present young people of African origin and their foreign friends .Integration is a two-way process.We learn some and we teach some. Trail Blazers Episodes has identified this as their number one project because of the role it will play in and for the future.


One such project that I wish to highlight is Swahili Cultural Project which was initiated by a Kenyan lady residing in Köln, Germany by the name of Wambui Elsen better known on social media as WAMBO WETU .For all our foreign friends just like English is international; Swahili has been proposed to be the next common binding language for AFRICA in 2020

As we all know Africa has now become an international  business Hub.Countries like Kenya,Tanzania,The Democratic Republic of Congo,Rwanda,Uganda,South Africa ….and many more have identified Swahili as a powerful business language.For the Afro Diasporas it is important that our children learn this language.The lessons which are being held here in Köln every Saturday are meant for children as young as three years old.It is not only the language that will be taught,but the cultures of cooking,hair styling ,dancing ,arts and crafts and all our diverse activities.

To enrol your child ;check out the face book page:Swahili Cultural Project  and register.You can also write an SMS on facebook to Wambo Wetu for your queries.You could  also inbox me.I will be posting the flyer above this post on my FB and other social media platforms.Lets stay “Woke” as they say.This is not a risk but a  language Skill that will benefit you and more so your baby child.

Think twice!Are You Denying Your Child Their Right To Their African National language?

an encounter with God, unmaskedstories.

Trail Blazers as Visionaries

To be able to foresee through unexplainable powers and to have some insights in peculiar ways is something l have always sought to have ,and admired in those who do.By the powerful grace of The Most High l had this awesome breakthrough this morning.I have been having a lot of stressful and sleepless nights over the migration situation trying to understand just what kind of emotional and physical pain these human beings undergo especially when l see packed bodies on ships at seas not been allowed to land. It is so degrading to perceive just what we as human beings are capable of doing in terms of harming one another all for the greedy sake of owning a piece of entitled boundries.Prayers alone can not help without an action.But ;individual and united prayers to The Most High can give clarity ,direction a trail that blazes ,a way to move forward,a vision,a  calm mind and consoled heart.I share these thoughts hoping the answer I received might help and you too can claim it .I believe it was from above for you and me

“I Have Not Handed You Over To The Enemies”

  • What  further meditation revealed is that these are hard times ,however, they are also times of a great awakening for those who have lived in slavery,  in destitute and as wanderers.
  • Who is The Enemy?
  • A self-imposed imitating lifestyles.
  • A lack of cultural and traditional worth.
  • A distaste for knowledge and  learning new skills .
  • Self-pity.
  • Denial and persistence refusal to change.
  • Constant blaming and a Stubborn lack of responsibility.
  • idleness .
  • Above all not giving oneself “Me-Time” to re-evaluate oneself and therefore being own worst enemy.

I therefore pray for you and me that we are NOT led out of the “Spacious Place” .

The Most High  confirms:”I have not handed you over to the enemies”

Trust and Believe this for Yourself and on Behalf of your loved ones.

Hugs & Love.

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz

Co-Author:The Perfect  Migrant#Diverse Cultures Publishing

Co-Author:CelebratingDiversity#Diverse Cultures Publishing

Founder:TrailBlazer Episodes

TrailBlazers Series

A Multi-Cultural Spirit

Trail-Blazers are encouraged to acquire a multi-cultural spirit .As TrailBlazers we are  global thinkers and we refuse to be confined within man-made borders as we explore different territories in search of  dignity and peace of mind.We have made a decision to venture into the unknown,within the boundries of a simple co-existant mind thought of oneness for the simple reason :”Together We Are Stronger!

Definations of race,gender,age,spiritual orientation or other non-choices or individually made choices are not in our basic agendas.We have accepted that we are noble, co-creators, sacred beings and we recognise and acknowledge in our inner beings that we are not maybe`s.We are not on this planet by accident nor are we on this planet to dominate other human beings or be dominated by other human beings.We are on this planet to dwell in peace and collectively.

  • As Trail Blazers we have a community – based vision , a collaborative, passionate,spirit of sharing our unique ,individual talents, skills, abilities, by uplifting one another to reach their highest potential.We seek to have this unbreakable oneness that says it loud and clear:”I am my sister`s, brother`s keeper “.”Mother Earth belongs to us.The planet must be taken good care of  ,with a love , a compassionate heart and mind for its continued survival out of its degenerating state”.

I percieve you as my problem as well as my solution.I need you and you need me to survive.We must therefore take each others life seriously,and seek to liase with Universal Power:The Most High; for strength,direction ,a spirit of discerning what is false and above all the wisdom to walk the talk.I value you and invite you to join our team at The TrailBlazer Episodes of podcasts,digitalstorytelling ,blogs and Vblogs.

I am excited !

Hugs& Love

TrailBlazers Series

Reawakened Reassurance

Are you an Afro-Diasporan migrant ? Global migrant ? This message is for YOU!

We at the Trail-Blazers Episodes seek to bring a re-awakened, re-assurance invitation towards upholding universal inclusion as a new foundational attitude.We have embraced the thought that you and l are sacred human beings who deserve to be on this planet , no matter what “space” of the nations you find yourself at this present moment.

Why should you participate in The Trail-blazers episodes?

The answer is simple. As One Body ,One Voice,We can achieve more , other than as separate small groups divided by race, religion, tribe ,nation, country, village or language.

What can we do?

We Have To STOP This!

The Trail Blazers have a definate,conclusive ,mission to be a part of the new  Voice among many more on this similar path .A Voice that unites us ,insteading of breaking us apart .A Voice that booms as it calls for intergration, inter-connectivity, and above all a Voice of Universal inclusion in terms of the whole :Wealth ,Health and Spirituality.

Universal inclusion motion recognises the DNA of the Dignity in every single person on earth.The  new version that states clearly that you and I have an inherent right to value and worth.

What is your worth?

What is your value?

What is your belief about you?

The Trail Blazer Episodes will seek to find  and give answers to all these questions from  diverse  sources through research, articles,podcasts and even digitalstorytelling.

If you want to Link,have a passion to participate ,please get in touch by filling the form,leaving your comments  below.

Glad to have you on board.

Hugs & Love

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz