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Permission Granted

A certain need to get clarity in my life.

inner me, stop beating around the bush, going  round in circles ,undefined.

Permission Granted.

A TrailBlazer I am.

No more  procrastinating ,coupled with critical self-.doubt.

Who is a TrailBlazer l ask.

You who has proudly and clearly declared  ;

Enough is Enough!

No more other minority roles.

No to self fights and seeking validation all over

The past is the past!

It will not dictate my present.

Self-pity parties ,gate crashing into toxic friendships,no more.

A Big No to copy-cating,am an original. .

(forget it dreamer ,the other voice whispers.)

No!No! No! This time it is for Real.

I Forgive myself for repetitive mistakes.

I Forgive others for wrongs done unto  me.

I choose to  venture into unknown places,

Iearn new skills, unlearn unproductive habits.

seek collaborative , healthy relationships on purpose ,

serve authentically and as  uncomplicated as possible .

“Why Now? you ask.

Why Not ?

The time is Now and the place is Here.

No longer my worst enemy .

My very own best friend.

“Aha!” moment……I grab it accept it and  hug it .

The pitfalls of hell ,the valley of dry bones a story of the past.

I tell a new story ,every alive moment, and joyfully share because l care.

What do l say?

Give yourself permission.

Educate yourself.

Be Curious.

Know ye for yourself.

Listen to your heartbeat.

Consult your life experiences stored data and evaluate them

Without judgement recognize them for what they were;simply,importantly,experiences.

“No more-No less”.

Do not settle for less than your gifted potential.

Explore into that inner person that you are destined to  be.

The planet is your playground ,your work field too.

The Universe summons you. Stop.Listen.Embrace.

You are a child of The Most High.The Creator.

Be a TrailBlazer.

Hugs and Love

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