an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series

A Prayer for Balance

We Seek Oneness, Our hearts and minds ;from

The The Most High,Creator,Divine.

The gifts of  empathy ,discernment and instictive love  we appreciate.

  Correct our  limbs and show us the way.

Our inner child  adores your Thy Spirit ,with an innocence

that refreshes us  during the foggy seasons of frustrations and emotional imbalances.

The eyes can see and the ears can hear ,when we seek Thee in silent prayer .

O Most High,Thy Fresh Breath gives our lungs the strength as air pumps  ,

sheltering us with unforseen blessings  ,

given with unconditional love.

Teach us O Spirit, to dwell in Your Presence ,

that  we may know that which is usually beyond our understanding.

We seek wisdom to navigate the roaring waters and sail through stormy times .

Calm us to believe Thy Word that consoles  “It is well my child”.

Engaged with Thy children,in Thine

Universal grace and mercies,we witness a time such as this,

great innovations and great awakening.

In this sacred place, Mother Earth ,as co-creators, for Thy purposes

we hope serve.

Forgive us for numerous wrongs .

Impart in us a willingness to be teachable and compassionate.

May this prayer warm us all .

Hugs and Love.


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