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Complexity of Diasporan Life

Where is home?Home Sweet Home. O how l long for you.l proudly state am Kenyan;African.Beautiful land,wonderful people .But fellow Kenyans are you ready for your children`s return from  the diaspora?As we  prepare to come over for the December holidays,to enjoy the sunshine  ,the missed laughter and the  joy of sitting under the canopy trees, eating Nyama choma with Ugali,Sukumawiki ,Managu  ,Mukimo pamoja na kachumbari ya avacado na pilipili we are somewhat apprehensive,compiling the answers, developing  the smile skills as references to”Xmas Bunnies”, Watu wa  “Majuu” are expected.Do we really live there I ask? Isn`t it more like “Chini ya maji” under the waters?These are the complexity of beliefs about life abroad,living in the Diaspora.I  believe this is  one of the major causes of why our youth want to migrate especially from Kenya, a land that is not at war.The false potrayal and wrong implication of Europe as being “Majuu” “Chums land”,Pesa mingi -lots of money and a privileged life.”Is this true?”Let us for a moment look at things from an average Afro-diasporan in German Lifestyle.Most of us earn a Basic salary of  450 Euros within an average family of three or four.We  have to work an average of 40 Hours a week ,very hard back Breaking work ,coupled with the personal Household work of laundry,taking the Kids to School, the playground,shopping,etc because house help is out of the question:unaffordable.The average house rents plus utilities for a family of four under social housing what we call estates in Kenya is approximately 700-950Euro if not more.The average Afro-diasporan because of our communal and cultural upbringing,which is very Good ,is obliged too to assist back home especially with the education of their sibling and parents.The average Afro -diasporan is also a human being with the wants of a normal person of once in a while entertainment ,fashionable clothes or a holiday.The only Advantage;abroad:which in Europe is a legal Right, is that at “Home 2″ the Government has a concrete ,social democratic structure that caters for the family in terms of child welfare and a compulsory Health care System,and education  for Children and the under-privileged in Society.As Long as you are registered or even those seeking assylum nobody goes hungry and everybody lives under a shelter. However,the guilt and the shame (on behalf of even their families),of the reality struggles of life”Majuu” abroad makes most of the diasporans potray a never ending life of happiness and leisure on social media ;especially on Facebook and instragram. My article today is pleading with our former classmates ,friends and relatives,”know ye the truth”.Google it on Internet.We are no better than you,and we  are probably in a worse situation.Avoid a reception of  interrogative Questions and insensitive remarks  that  leave us feeling deflated or convert us into liars..”Umetuletea nini kutoka majuu?””Sii uni ite huko kwenyu (siyo kwetu tafadhali)….Niko ready kuosha kashosho auch kuolewa na kamuzee ( mimi siyo Job Center)”.What type of conclusive Statements are these?Lets get rid of the malice and stop de-identifying others by making them feel as Outsiders in their motherland.I have not translated the Swahili-sheng sentences (in brackets are my answers) on purpose.Do not even ask us “What do you do?”Lets hug ;eat some Nyama choms,have tea or a beer and laugh about good times.

Hugs & Love …missing home”kenya na wewe”

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