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Kenyan Embassy:Are you for us?

I am embittered!I am frustrated!Hurt!My basic rights as a Kenyan citizen in the Diaspora in Germany, have been violated by the very people who are supposed to protect them.My journey started by my complying with the latest news from my beautiful country Kenya,that requires all its citizens to get their new updated passports by next year 2019.Since my passport was expiring in December 2018,I decided to travel to Kenya in August 2018 and get my new East African Community passport  before the expiry date.I recieved the same without a struggle from Nyayo house ,Nairobi. l returned back to Cologne Germany where I have live as a permanent resident in October 2018.However,on going to the foreign offices in Germany in order to get my EU identity card ,l was told l had to change my Passport Surname Ngugi to Latz the official name on all my documents by marriage.I was advised to do that at my Embassy in Berlin by getting an endorsement stamped at a fee since that was the procedure.I called the Kenyan Embassy in order to make an appointment to travel or send the passport since that has been the case for the last three renewals.But ,what happened next left me shocked and in tears and that was the beginning of my woes and many sleepless nights.The man  who picked up the phone (never identified himself by name) could not even care to listen to my request for more than 3 minutes.The Embassy official  proceeded to admonish me for having not taken the correct passport,  a new one and not renewal.I tried to tell him ,I was at the Nairobi head office physically,waited over three weeks for my passport,and got my new passports and old punched holes officially from counter no.13 and the same has an Embassy stamp with change of name in 2009.I needed clarification as to what he meant it is the wrong one?He rudely and literally told me to take a plane and go back to Kenya and that this procedure of their stamping the passports stopped in 2009.I told him I had no money to fly back from where I had just come from 3 days ago,and why could the Embassy not help me with a letter so that the German foreign office can confirm ,l  ,madam “Ngugi , I am one and the same person as madam “Latz” ,in order for me to get my permanent visa  back.To cut a long story short,he said that is not their work.He was rude.He made me feel confused,stupid,helpless ,lost for words literally and even lose a good job opportunity I had applied for since the names were not corressponding

After much fear and prayer.I returned back to the German foreign offices” Auslanderamt .I explained everything .(God is God and when God say it is not over,it is not).The German lady,official handled me with understanding ,what I call dignity.She advised  me to get a plane ticket,as proof I was ready to go back to Kenya to get the changes made,which a friend bought  for me.She proceeded to give me a solution that made me feel whole and sane :a 6 months temporary visa on my Kenyan name so l now can be able to  travel in and out of countries.Kenya,Germany and other transit ones safetly and not live illegally.

My question is this?I need to understand:Why do we have a Kenyan Embassy in Berlin?How do they represent us?What are they doing to keep Kenyans informed about the different laws and procedures?Does this man at the Kenyan Embassy desk realize that he was turning me into a refugee by refusing to clarify my identity yet they have me on their records just like the German offices said they knew I was Ngugi but the EU identity has to read the names on all my documents which is Latz my marital name, and that job is my Embassy”Botschaft” to confirm.Is there no way he could have handled this situation differently?by:

A)Connecting me to his seniors ,who probably have the authority to stamp the change of name

B)Speak to me in a more polite and less aggressive manner.

C)listen to me (at one time he cut off the line and l had to call again and he said with no excuse that he had to take another call.),try to understand my dilemma.

D)When I called  a third day and enquired  about a travel document he told me I must travel to Berlin .Fullstop.

When I calculated,that would have cost me 122€ back and forth without accomodation or food.I did not have that cash.

I had to write this article .I felt obligated to bring to light the kind of humiliation we Kenyans encounter at our Kenyan Embassy in Berlin.Every single platform on the Social media has lost confidence in them.They are rude,lack compassion and are not their country peoples care-takers.One small incident,due to a fellow Kenyan ,who has refused to do their work in a manner that acknowledges and understands the plight of its people almost led me to be hospitalised with depression due to sleepless nights ,turn me into a fugitive or have me jailed ,deported and lose my residency and almost my life.

Mr man at the official desk in Berlin:”If this was your sister or daughter or mother;would you have handled her the same way?”October2018.

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