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Swahili Cultural Project

There are activities in this world that have to be magnified because of the kind of impact they will have on future generations or the present young people of African origin and their foreign friends .Integration is a two-way process.We learn some and we teach some. Trail Blazers Episodes has identified this as their number one project because of the role it will play in and for the future.


One such project that I wish to highlight is Swahili Cultural Project which was initiated by a Kenyan lady residing in Köln, Germany by the name of Wambui Elsen better known on social media as WAMBO WETU .For all our foreign friends just like English is international; Swahili has been proposed to be the next common binding language for AFRICA in 2020

As we all know Africa has now become an international  business Hub.Countries like Kenya,Tanzania,The Democratic Republic of Congo,Rwanda,Uganda,South Africa ….and many more have identified Swahili as a powerful business language.For the Afro Diasporas it is important that our children learn this language.The lessons which are being held here in Köln every Saturday are meant for children as young as three years old.It is not only the language that will be taught,but the cultures of cooking,hair styling ,dancing ,arts and crafts and all our diverse activities.

To enrol your child ;check out the face book page:Swahili Cultural Project  and register.You can also write an SMS on facebook to Wambo Wetu for your queries.You could  also inbox me.I will be posting the flyer above this post on my FB and other social media platforms.Lets stay “Woke” as they say.This is not a risk but a  language Skill that will benefit you and more so your baby child.

Think twice!Are You Denying Your Child Their Right To Their African National language?

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