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Trail Blazers as Visionaries

To be able to foresee through unexplainable powers and to have some insights in peculiar ways is something l have always sought to have ,and admired in those who do.By the powerful grace of The Most High l had this awesome breakthrough this morning.I have been having a lot of stressful and sleepless nights over the migration situation trying to understand just what kind of emotional and physical pain these human beings undergo especially when l see packed bodies on ships at seas not been allowed to land. It is so degrading to perceive just what we as human beings are capable of doing in terms of harming one another all for the greedy sake of owning a piece of entitled boundries.Prayers alone can not help without an action.But ;individual and united prayers to The Most High can give clarity ,direction a trail that blazes ,a way to move forward,a vision,a  calm mind and consoled heart.I share these thoughts hoping the answer I received might help and you too can claim it .I believe it was from above for you and me

“I Have Not Handed You Over To The Enemies”

  • What  further meditation revealed is that these are hard times ,however, they are also times of a great awakening for those who have lived in slavery,  in destitute and as wanderers.
  • Who is The Enemy?
  • A self-imposed imitating lifestyles.
  • A lack of cultural and traditional worth.
  • A distaste for knowledge and  learning new skills .
  • Self-pity.
  • Denial and persistence refusal to change.
  • Constant blaming and a Stubborn lack of responsibility.
  • idleness .
  • Above all not giving oneself “Me-Time” to re-evaluate oneself and therefore being own worst enemy.

I therefore pray for you and me that we are NOT led out of the “Spacious Place” .

The Most High  confirms:”I have not handed you over to the enemies”

Trust and Believe this for Yourself and on Behalf of your loved ones.

Hugs & Love.

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz

Co-Author:The Perfect  Migrant#Diverse Cultures Publishing

Co-Author:CelebratingDiversity#Diverse Cultures Publishing

Founder:TrailBlazer Episodes

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