TrailBlazers Series

The TrailBlazers Episodes: Introduction

Does your life feel like you are beating around the bush?


Do you have a headbutt realisation on your life journey  by the end of the day or weeks that you are back full circle to similar fallbacks and disappointments?

Are you entrapped and entangled in a familiar toxic relationship or arguments?

Is your  financial status blocked by unsettled debts ?

Are you suffering from sleepless nights due to job insecurity, low pay or the fear of retrenchment ?

Are you lonely ,filled with low self-esteem thoughts of not belonging  ,of being an outsider?

Are you aware that you are not  living to your fullest potential but you do not know what to do?

Do you regret for having chosen lesser options coupled with the habits of  excessiveness ; be it in eating, drinking, exercising,television watching ,chatting ,social media and /or any other ,harmful to yourself?

The above effects  are definately doing a lot of damage to your productivity and self-confidence.You certainly battered physically , spiritually and emotionally.For this very reasons that is………..

Why Trail Blazers was founded.

All those circumstances describe me fully in the past and sometimes in the present.l have observed on social media platforms and through interactions with people from all walks of life just how common to humanity our needs are.The underlying struggles of existence and the need to be heard and seen is a part of life.But we dont have to give in to being lesser.l decided enough is enough!l started by examining myself and exploring how l could find the best trail to achieve wealth, health and stability on planet earth.Firstly,l pierced into my foundation my place of birth,childhood,adolescence adulthood, education ,work experience and work ethics.l observed my social interactions,studied my cultural , traditional and  spiritual heritage and  my close relationships with my parents,siblings,children and the opposite sex.The greatest obstacle l had to address was my thoughts about money and well-being in order to create an income and be self-sustainable.It was not easy and l have had many  fallbacks and a lot of  procrastinating days.However.l eventually came to a conclusive understanding;”l was okay by Divine standards.” Many were the times l felt ashamed and guilty ,and at other times quite satisfied and even joyfully shocked at the many hurdles l had surpassed.l accepted my vulnerability and acknowledged my status that dignity was my true birthright .I had this magnificent  awareness that human beings are sacred beings ;spiritual beings in a physical body .Since this moment l had a mind shift,the  great urge to share my findings with others in the hope of helping  them .

Why the title?Someone referred to me as a Trail Blazer and l thought wow!Accept the title with humility and dignity and share whatever new thoughts come to mind daily . TrailBlazers Episodes was born ;in plural tense for it is not about  “me,myself and l” but  “We” ; as a co-creator amongst millions of other co-creators under the Divine grace of The Most High.We are each purposed to “SERVE” one another.


Hugs and Love.

Charity Wairimue Ngugi Latz.


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