TrailBlazers Series

Reawakened Reassurance

Are you an Afro-Diasporan migrant ? Global migrant ? This message is for YOU!

We at the Trail-Blazers Episodes seek to bring a re-awakened, re-assurance invitation towards upholding universal inclusion as a new foundational attitude.We have embraced the thought that you and l are sacred human beings who deserve to be on this planet , no matter what “space” of the nations you find yourself at this present moment.

Why should you participate in The Trail-blazers episodes?

The answer is simple. As One Body ,One Voice,We can achieve more , other than as separate small groups divided by race, religion, tribe ,nation, country, village or language.

What can we do?

We Have To STOP This!

The Trail Blazers have a definate,conclusive ,mission to be a part of the new  Voice among many more on this similar path .A Voice that unites us ,insteading of breaking us apart .A Voice that booms as it calls for intergration, inter-connectivity, and above all a Voice of Universal inclusion in terms of the whole :Wealth ,Health and Spirituality.

Universal inclusion motion recognises the DNA of the Dignity in every single person on earth.The  new version that states clearly that you and I have an inherent right to value and worth.

What is your worth?

What is your value?

What is your belief about you?

The Trail Blazer Episodes will seek to find  and give answers to all these questions from  diverse  sources through research, articles,podcasts and even digitalstorytelling.

If you want to Link,have a passion to participate ,please get in touch by filling the form,leaving your comments  below.

Glad to have you on board.

Hugs & Love

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz


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