TrailBlazers Series

A Multi-Cultural Spirit

Trail-Blazers are encouraged to acquire a multi-cultural spirit .As TrailBlazers we are  global thinkers and we refuse to be confined within man-made borders as we explore different territories in search of  dignity and peace of mind.We have made a decision to venture into the unknown,within the boundries of a simple co-existant mind thought of oneness for the simple reason :”Together We Are Stronger!

Definations of race,gender,age,spiritual orientation or other non-choices or individually made choices are not in our basic agendas.We have accepted that we are noble, co-creators, sacred beings and we recognise and acknowledge in our inner beings that we are not maybe`s.We are not on this planet by accident nor are we on this planet to dominate other human beings or be dominated by other human beings.We are on this planet to dwell in peace and collectively.

  • As Trail Blazers we have a community – based vision , a collaborative, passionate,spirit of sharing our unique ,individual talents, skills, abilities, by uplifting one another to reach their highest potential.We seek to have this unbreakable oneness that says it loud and clear:”I am my sister`s, brother`s keeper “.”Mother Earth belongs to us.The planet must be taken good care of  ,with a love , a compassionate heart and mind for its continued survival out of its degenerating state”.

I percieve you as my problem as well as my solution.I need you and you need me to survive.We must therefore take each others life seriously,and seek to liase with Universal Power:The Most High; for strength,direction ,a spirit of discerning what is false and above all the wisdom to walk the talk.I value you and invite you to join our team at The TrailBlazer Episodes of podcasts,digitalstorytelling ,blogs and Vblogs.

I am excited !

Hugs& Love

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