TrailBlazers Series

Battling To Be Awoke!

Battling mother nature!

Battling with ourselves!

Seems to be man´s designed purpose.

is this the reality?

We have eyes that can not see,

and ears that can not hear .

Is Mother nature calling us to re-awaken?

Who is listening?

What has distracted us from our destiny to live abundantly?

There is a wake-up call to arise !

To self-reflect deep inside our hearts and mind.

Allow Divine Source to take control.

Accept and acknowledge that this must stop!

A divided soul world : “a man-eat -man globe “.

Segments of nations,religions,and all manner of man-made societies.

What if we all awoke ?

Enough is Enough!

Begin …now …Be Present tense.

Embracing thoughts of hope and joy and togetherness.

Dignity,inclusion,recognition and understanding  as our daily bread

From now on , I choose  to obey my heart and mind

of Oneness.

I declare I was purposed for good , to be a good servant

to the world ,

and all its creations.

I take the reins to dis-arm  and do no harm to others.

A simple , concrete , small step of creating my

heaven on earth for us.

What is your small, simple chosen step today?

Will you love the next person as you love yourself ?

Will you share your skills,knowledge,

food and borders with them?

It is Your Decision

“Universal inclusion is Mine”.

A Trail Blazer of Peace thoughts each day.

Divine Spirit I meditate on it.

Hugs & Love


TrailBlazers Series

Universal inclusion with Dignity.

The World is suffering from a worldwide epidemic of indignity; “Untitled Wars” .There is a lot of instability in our thought  processes in the name of mental health and uncategorized instability. A  lot of unwarranted superiority complexes  in the name of racism and excessive nations border controls.There are the ignored issues of exclusion,separatism, and inequality from all areas :gender,race ,age, color of skin ,religion and country of birth.There is the economic gap that others are mercilessly born and thrown into without any chance at fair play.There are the gross misunderstandings in our relationships that keep families divided in the name of divorce , worn out culture practices and high life style choices.There are the diverse disagreements that are never addressed at the imbalanced reconciliation tables in all the different categories mentioned earlier.

Lets begin there?Why ?Because from observation and analysis  as an agent of dignity l give  special credit to a model by Dr Donna Hicks on Dignity .Our lack of addressing the injustices harboured  by every party whether collectively or individually leaves every one of us feeling our dignity has been violated . When trying to reconcile any issues we are faced with on a  daily basis , we feel destroyed,distracted ,uneasy ,left out and extremely vulnerable.What am l talking about?Let me explain what do l mean when l talk about “Dignity” and “Universal Inclusion with dignity .

Dignity is our inherent , natural ,inborn right to our worth and value as human beings.Dignity in other words is in our DNA:in every single one of us.There is only one copy of us on the universe and we are valuable, priceless because no price can be put upon us by anybody or anything.We are worthy to live on this planet without being dominated by any person.We do not have to validate our existence on this earth .We have a natural inclination towards loving and being loved.The bottom line is we are humane in our humanity.We are irreplaceable although most of us are unaware because we are born vulnerable too.We are born as fragile persons that can be hurt,humiliated and broken very easily.We are born without being taught on how to deal with our vulnerability.This is where we differentiate dignity from respect.

Unlike dignity which is our born right,”Respect “is earned because of one`s power, social status, family heritage, wealth and job ranking or any other man-made classification.In our inner thoughts we self-doubt,self-hate because of the competitive environment we live in regardless of ones wealth or social ranking.As human beings we are more similar than we give ourselves credit for.Emotionally we all yearn to belong,be understood and in short “Be Heard”.What ithis world is lacking is the skill of listening,the patience of valuing another’s thoughts and the valuable compassion of giving others the benefit of doubt.We live in a world where we believe in the way of life as a struggle and therefore;the competitive spirit in a very negative way where we perceive each other as enemies be it individuals,communities or nations.These are all digressions from our purposed journeys.Constant strife and disagreements in relationships within our homesteads, schools, jobs, communities , meetup, conferences, reconciliation tables,social and political gatherings have created so much mistrust.The critical dilemma is we have lost sight of our humanity,our dignity has been violated at the foundation of our humanity. We have become enemies to ourselves and of others.

What Can We Re-Learn?We have transgressed.It does not matter which part of the Universal space you occupy or which Nation,country,city,town or village you were born in ;but acknowledging that it is not about me or you  as individuals but about US is the beginning of a peaceful reconcilliation.The beginning of any stability starts with the inner child; your heart and mind in union with the Spirit of Oneness.In my journey ; I have sought peace,wealth,health, good vs bad ,but come to the conclusion that there is One Power greater than All,more sustaining than anything ,and that is The One Source.The Breath of Life .The Direction. The Provider .The Emanicipator.The Creator.The Most High. The Peace ,Grace,Love that surpasses all human understanding ; but is available at your asking and that is a mind-set of  the Universal Inclusion in DIGNITY for ALL.

Part 11

DIGNITY however is our inherent right to worth and value.And despite it being the one thing we all crave for we are also all vulnerable.We are vulnerable to be hurt physically or emotionally since no one day goes by without someone violating our dignity.

How is our dignity violated?Or what can we do in order Not to violate another’s dignity or our own

As an agent of dignity l follow the model by Dr Donna Hicks who says:violation of dignity could be :a rude remark ,a critical tone of voice,a  dismissive gesture intended to undermine us,make us feel irrelevant ,small,and insignificant and a minority specis.As l write l remember that “we all know the crushing intolerable feeling of being shamed.”As human beings we are uncanny in that we always know how to psychologically hurt one another yet the wisdom of old through The Word of God tells us:the two greatest commandments are to love God,Higher Power  with all your heart,soul,mind and strength.And the second greatest commandment or teaching is compassion and kindness.Love your neighbour as you love yourself.Another awareness is the harm we can bring upon ourselves in the form of our destructive and competitive lifestyles and we need an awakening of self -love.Because of our vulnerability  to inflict wounds on one another:it would only be fair to share the 10 models that can remind us how we can thrive,succeed ,develop and be human in our humanity as per the Donna Hicks Model.

▪Acceptance of identity.










  • We can never be perfect ,but we can pursue a path of righteousness .We can endeavour to treat each other with dignity.We can be in a place of peace with ourselves ,our neighbours and the globe by giving each other space,by being mindful of individual differences, cultural and ethnic diversity.The value and worth of each one of us is immeasurable .Awareness of our roles is paramount,of being the earth`s protector.

Hugs and Love from my Deepest and Most Authentic being,my heart.

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz

Co-Author:The Perfect Migrant#@Diverse Cultures Publishing

:Celebrating Diversity#@ Diverse Cultures Publishing.

Founder    :Universal Inclusion .org




Migrants -What Next?

What exactly defines us and what is our role in Europe  ?

A clear paradox is the belief;  home is best !”

Is this the truth felt-reality for most migrants ?

From conversations ,the majority are in a  “double prisoners

status , trying  to re-define the answer to the confusing question:


Home normally relates to the place where one lives and resides

permanently .However,the majority of migrants, especially those seeking

asylum or those  denied refugee status , they have no place to call home.

Why is this so? They are not fully grounded, accepted or established as citizens


This is a very pathetic situation I believe it is the inherent right of a person on this planet

to be seen and heard  and  accepted as of value and worth.

Every human being is sacred and this acknowledgement  is NOT an utopian idea but a

valid conscious awareness that we should mentally adapt for the sake of  global peace.

No person deserves any form of a violation of their dignity.


What then is our role as migrants ? Our attitudes should be based on the behaviours

of  conforming  to the rules and laws of our host countries. However,migrants, too

deserve the right to be allowed to integrate not only through language, political and

cultural education, but they should be given the opportunity to earn a living through

employment or as employers.

Employment is magnifying in that it allows persons working to take dutiful responsibility

for their own personal cares and that of their families as well.

Whole integration should also equal full migrant participation over issues pertaining

to their being or development. Migrant inclusion is lacking at the parliamentary level,

social and media platforms such as television  table debates.

Migrants do not want to be spoon fed !They need to be recognized as mature,capable.

intelligent , people  capable of giving back to society. Representation need not only be

limited to non-governmental organisations, charity or church groups, since  there is a

whole diversity of professionals or ordinary persons with great potential and

unexploited skills and talents stagnated among these minority groups.

The aim of this article is to bring out these suggestions since they are of benefit to the

economy and growth of the host countries ;It is “a win-win” situation for both


Universal inclusion is an attitude of oneness in our hearts , minds and actions.

“If someone is hungry and they ask you for a piece of bread do not give them a


Deportation ; for example,except in criminal cases is not a poistive  answer. It is a cat

and mouse game that does not deal with the causes and solution.Instead,it continues to

benefit  the mafia and modern-day slave traders as they continue to exploit in the trade

of our children, young men and women and babies.Let us stop  the long talks over

cups of hot tea, coffess  and warm lunches while debating on how to to severely tighten

the deportation laws and or building  stronge and  higher walls.

The migrants also has a rightful  role is to  search for safety and a dignified life !

To fight the weak and helpless is to give more power to the mafia and terrorists!

Our duty is to listen to the crying voices of the victims of our own man-made crisis.

In our co-authored book:The Perfect Migrant and Celebrating Diversity published by

Diversity Cultures Publishing a number of us speak out of our individual journies as

migrants.Our stories seek to authentically tell the deep emotional side of our lives.

Get a copy on Amazon and walk with us!

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz