an encounter with God, Self-Therapy

Tested but not Defeated Yet.

“It`s the thought that counts!”. We hear this all the time,and say it unconsciously.Having reflected on it often in recent months, l have since added to my conscious beliefs list.Thought is everything. l mean everything.Thoughts are the very ignition key to your next action.Through your very thoughts, ideas of innovation and creativity flow.In modern times ,we are now beginning to deliberately adapt as truths what our fore-fathers taught us;”our thoughts create our reality.” When we were children we often exclaimed in disbelief ;”My Wish Has Come True”.Staying awake and alert to our thoughts is important.Carefully and constantly checking requires discipline, time,energy and using up even external resources to ensure control. It is worth every single dime,minute and milestone.It is both empowering and liberating.What are your thoughts right now?Are you aware of what role they play in your responses?Take a moment and desire to be in total control and to maintain that power of control over your thoughts.Start by deliberately choosing what you read,who you interact with ,and examine your emotions by checking up and starring those things,places or persons that trigger you off negatively ,in ways that are not beneficial to you or others.Have a Great month of December,2020.

an encounter with God, Invisible Migrants, The Unheard/Unseen

Get A Gift

The Thoughts we dwell are manifested and exposed in our emotional responses and physical actions.Why doesn’t our modern educational systems teach us this from grade one? These teachings were embodied in our ancestral, cultural and spiritual traditions,but buried to disable the majority for the benefit of the few. But now all that ,using modern technology and invested time we can all re-learn ,rebuild ,revive and be restored again . The Wisdom is available to each and everyone of us if we seek,knock and ask.

How?Moving from an invisible migrant to a perfect, visible migrant was a gift, enabled by deliberately dwelling on The Wisdom in a beautiful Verse in The Holy Word.

“Every Good Gift And Every Perfect Gift Is FROM ABOVE, and Comes Down From THE FATHER OF LIGHTS,With WHOM There is NO Variation or Shadow of Turning.”(James 1:17)

Having No doubt on this Spiritual Truth. Will You Trust Too?

an encounter with God, Invisible Migrants, Self-Therapy

The Phase not the Face

The ,,FACE “or Image is what captivates an audience to a post.The Why is the Message.This caption has an image meant to be a Redflag. An awareness pre-caution in this speedy life .A personal check-up:What Face are you portraying out there on Social Media?Is it Authentic? Does it portray a “PHASE”of where you are in your life of growth or decline?

Going inwards periodically is wise.Are you in a stable phase where you are giving value and receiving value too?If you are giving what you do not have, on borrowed time and money ,you will be sad,sick, disappointed ,feel neglected, be manipulated and above all wasted in the competitive ,people pleasing process. Seek guidance from  within, in silence breaks, for Divine breakthroughs.

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Because It’s Time

What l have always thought was Love has been  messing parts of  my wellbeing.(l am not  talking about intimate love) .Relationship loves in my daily life as a parent sister, friend, relative, co-worker or new found love.l can no longer accept my old false beliefs about a love that confuses being misused,dominated and manipulated as caring and sharing.A love that drain’s one slowly but surely.With all due respect  ,l am fed up of learning the truth after the fact of hurt and burnout.What is Love?Love is freedom. Love is loving The Most High, Ngai wakwa ,my Source of life first. Secondly Love is embracing ,and cherishing with gratitude myself. Kujieshimu na Kujipenda ;”Self-Love”means l am no longer accepting the things l can not change such as people’s habits and behaviours that are harmful to my sanity.l am changing the things l can not accept any more in my life such as my illogical self-criticisms. Kujidharu ,founded on my wrong  judgements.l intend to love myself unconditionally through self-care in all areas of my life: the physical, emotional,financial,and spiritual. I recognize my duty from Source and l will be very  deliberate unapologetically in exercising it.A great promise is written down for me too l claim. “For l know the plans l have for you “declares The Lord.”Plans to prosper you and not to harm you….”.

(Jeremiah 29:11)

Liberating Love.

an encounter with God, Invisible Migrants, TrailBlazers Series

Appreciating “She-Roes”-Day 1:Elizabeth Horlemann

Today, l want to appreciate Elizabeth Horlemann.She is of Kenyan heritage,A Certified Cognitive Life coach ,A  Critical Whiteness Trainer :Race Think Workshops.She is also a Mentor to many of us ,in the Diaspora and specifically within the Kenya Women in Germany e.V.(NGO).The above caption says it all.In my Diaspora life in Germany ,since 1999, Elizabeth has played a significant role in modeling me to the woman l am becoming .A confident writer,authentic and brave in my rising career .This article my gift to her,my way of saying Thank You . Asante Sana .Danke Schön.

  • Her commitment to excellence in achieving set goals has brushed off on me .Over the years l have adapted to her teachings.
  • Her outstanding contributions to different phases in my life has had such a great impact in my life.I know Elizabeth you will be shocked to read this.You taught me  the beginnings in IT:Internet technology .Do you remember helping me set up Skype in your home?or ,showing this totally ignorant woman at the time ,how to set up strong passwords;the lower and the upper class e.t.c;and how to use the mouse without panicking and shooting all over the screen .(….am smiling )
  • I learnt about NGO´s.How to set up one and how they function. You gave me the first online platform adminstrative duties,introducing me to some powerful ladies and built my self-esteem.What did l do then? I chose the 3rd mode of human life when challenges come up ;FLIGHT!.I  removed myself,resigned  into isolation, self-pity, blame ,criticism and to self-destructive habits.
  • Elizabeth Horlemann has never given up on me.She has always reached out to me, in boxing letting me,and letting me know of new opportunities.As a cognitive coach in her professionalism  she has always seen in me potential ,pointed it out to me and challenged me to get out of fear and denial mode.
  • She has helped me get clarity for my emerging career by mentoring me ,on how to be self-sustainable ,shifting my creativity from words on paper  to to cash in my pocket.
  • Without any manipulative ideas ,in a positive way ,she has inspired me to get out of self-destructive habits.How?By letting me know that l am worthy,of value and l can use my natural talents of writing to self- create and coach others too .
  • Because of you,,Mrembo”,l am living consciously in the Present:I can change .I can achieve It!  It is Ok to Ask. I Listen to understand . ITake Action and avoid later.

“She-Roe”is  a hero power word coined by Cindy Trimm in her book” Commanding Your Morning”: (unleash the power of God in your life).This morning ,while journaling ,a daily habit,intuitively, l decided to re-read  this book .I did not get past  her dedication page.It is to her sisters whom she refers to as  her  heros.”She-Roes”. She mentions unconditional love,guidance and mentorship.The first heroine that came to mind was Elizabeth Horlemann.You deserve all three compliments.


Face book:Race Think Dinners or her main page:Elizabeth Horlemann.

Trust me:You need to get in touch with her !