an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series, unmaskedstories.

The Angst of Publishing

Finding my purpose has never been a big issue.I have always loved reading and writing and therefore always aspired to be a writer.However,like many of us our dreams remained just”Dreams”. But due to second chances in life ,plus self-development courses l have chosen to pursue my life career.My defined purpose would be accomplished through the work of research and community reporting.My mission would be fulfilled through digital storytelling, featured articles or blog posts based on  real life stories in the communities .The sole purposes being that  of inspiring ,educating, encouraging and creating dignity awareness.


You may be wondering what is the problem here?The dilemma  is the Angst of Publishing.

  • 1.Perfectionist idiotism:-Basically this is my self-imposed restraint from publishing unless  my work is totally perfect.The best and the most captivating headlines and perfectly recorded videos.Aperfectly, unique writing style and with no chance of .
  • 2.Fear of Living A Destitute Life:-As much as l love writing,l personally lacked a dedicated trust in the career.I have always felt that l could not even mildly,be able to sustain myself in it.I convinced myself that l was not skilled or  good enough, nor adequately exposed to the world”circle” of writers.

Can you imagine the audacity of such thoughts ?Now that l have come back to my normal senses,l have decided to reveal these shortcomings in order to reclaim my rightful place as a writer and my destiny.This small step will lead to a gigantic future.One of the lessons l have learnt in this journey is to hold to a belief l know many writers can identify with.Deeply,knowing  “l am in this world,but ,l am not of this world”.The fact that l am living through my thoughts,and acting out by turning these thoughts into words  and sharing them through print or videos with the world.Now ,one modern habit l want to pick up is that of typing directly onto my computer.I want to discard the habit of first writing onto exercise books because the same is duplicating and time consuming.(No problem…laugh.It is old school mentality)

Fast forward,today…

Wait a minute.

What is this strange red signal at the top bar of my laptop?It has interfered with my chain of thoughts.I am really trying to figure out what to do.You can imagine l am almost going into panic mode.I stop,take a few long breaths and speaking to myself ,l decide there is no way all this vulnerability is getting lost because of a technical mishap.

So cheers.Much love and hugs from me.

(no excuses…)but…. l have to click…now…publish


an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series, unmaskedstories.

It is Okay!,

Fear,Lack and Loneliness
It is okay to fear when we feel threatened,ridiculed or unfairly criticized.
It is okay to feel we are lacking when we have no job or a meal to put on
the table and provide for our loved ones or self.
It is okay to feel lonely when your loved ones depart either through death,
divorce ,separations or neglect.
It is okay to have emotions because we are human beings,spiritual beings having
a physical experience ,created to think and feel.
What is not okay is to suffer in silence, for you do injustice to yourself and
others who need to know they are not alone .
You act in love when you speak about it,consult with someone ,share your story .
It is important for you to note you are worthy and valid in your vulnerability.
You are the answer, the solution to somebody out there.
Be bold ,know without an iota of doubt that you matter.
You are the one piece of gem that l was looking for in the wilderness.
“I just smiled when l found you!”
“Tell your story by unmasking”
Love & A Hug

an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series, unmaskedstories.


Reflect on what ? Whatever it is you have been doing for the past one year or so .Refill with what? Refill with new methods, adjusted ways, new relationships.

Refocus .How? Do things differently by searching in a different direction for answers .We tend to look through the eyes of the same people and within our comfortable zones instead of being curious,exploring ,consciously expanding and examining our attitude.

What an l suggesting?Perhaps  trying to  walk and talk with some newness,learnt communication skills even an awareness of your body language.

Work on the 3 R,s

Reflect, Refill, Refocus

Love & Hugs

an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series, unmaskedstories.


What do you understand by the term Self-identity?Or,instead of complicating matters,why don’t l address the question to myself.This question tends to spring into my mind every time l am in one of my low “discouraged-good-for-nothing-can-never-do-it-right”moods.l ,like many of you am sure,tend to link self-identity issues with career,financial status,social standing ,and ,comparing ourselves with others.l am being very vulnerable,because l want once and for all, to remove that villain inside me that has got the whole issue mixed up and tends to bring me down.That accuser that makes me feel guilty about past wrongs,failures or whatever it calls them ,those” shame-on-you-blamings”.In this world which moves at an alarmingly fast pace,if l do not take time to self-reflect about exactly who l am, and, what l am here on earth to do,l will be run over,rolled on over by disilluisonary conclusions about my self-identity.Therefore,l have decided to address and identify exactly “who am l?”.l vow to stick to my decision henceforth,regardless of what anybody else on this planet earth tells me,thinks or says behind my back.

Okay this is MY Story,my Reality and my  Conclusions.So whom am l?l am a beautiful,loving,caring,human being who is trying to do her best to the best of her capabilities.l am not here to oppress or to compete with anybody .l do not want to hurt or wrong you.l want to do what is right for this planet ,for us.l want to utilise my co-creation powers, given to me by The Universal Divine Power, to make this world as clean and co-habitable as possible.This l believe is the reason l am here on earth at this  space l am right now.

A new  revelation is that l will start living in  the present ; the “here and now”,taking those steps towards shinning a light of joy wherever l go.l will avoid grumbling,complaining and gossiping.l will do my best to discard my self-damaging excessive  habits .l will give more and do it joyfully with no judgemental expectations.My path is defined and as l hit that beautiful age of 60 years next week,if it is so destined for me to see that date, l will leap with a grateful heart.

My greatest passions are reading,writing,researching ,motivating and bringing people together for whatever l forsee or view as a good cause.l love sharing and inspiring and  l will continue to do so shamelessly without looking over my shoulder , doubting myself or over-thinking about the outcome.l am grateful for this new liberated mind ,a positive trailblazer mentality.  l celebrate and l am grateful for this clarity and bright light of  believing in myself.

Hugs and Love to You.

an encounter with God, TrailBlazers Series

Valentines Day

Love is the message today and declarations of “l admire you!”Valentine’s day greetings can be extended to one person or a group,a partner,family member or stranger.The common thread is its main theme :”Friendship!”When l think of friendship it means a lot ?It is unselfishness,sharing,caring,kindness,loyalty,oneness in purpose,confidential trust ,admiration and most of all adoration.Today ,l extend my warm Valentine Greetings to you my reader for the inspiration you give me as you read my posts and help me accomplish my passion and work in blogging.Say to someone today with a smile,hug,note,call,…….as l do to You now…You Are Special to me”Hugs and Love”